Setting up a limited liability company (LLC) in the UAE

The main benefits of setting up a limited liability company (LLC) in the UAE

After the recent reforms that changed the field of business setup in Dubai, many foriegn investors have already started to reap the extra benefits. Just in the first nine months of 2021, there was a substantial boom in foreign direct investments. Nearly 400 new companies were created, with investors committing over 4 billion euros. This is obviously the right time for company formation in Dubai, but it still is necessary to do it the right way. The promises of great benefits of a limited liability company in the UAE can only be realised when you set up the new corporation the right way.

It is essential that you fully understand how you need to work with expert advisors like our consultants at GBO, who have all the necessary information and skills to help you to earn all of the benefits of an LLC company in UAE.

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    United Arab Emirates is the new start-up nation.

    Start-up and Small-Medium Enterprise business in Dubai are being encouraged through the work of the Entrepreneurial Nation Project (ENP). This new project, funded with a 250 million euros grant from the government, will operate to boost the establishment of start-ups and SMEs in major business sectors.


    How does investing in an LLC in the United Arab Emirates free zone work?
    There have been substantial developments in the UAE over the past few years. If you are looking forward to your own business setup company in UAE being part of this dynamic development, then you need to understand exactly what has promoted this new environment. When you are planning to shift your operations into a Dubai free zone you need to do it with professional advice from experts in business company setup in the UAE.

    That’s the only way you can avoid unnecessary problems and roadblocks so that you can benefit appropriately from all of these new rules and leverage the progressive reforms implemented by the government.


    Welcoming digital currencies to UAE free zones.
    New laws have just recently been passed by the government of Dubai. These now regulate both trading of and investment in virtual assets and digital currencies.

    The body that is controlling this new sector is known as the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA). If you plan to establish a company in Dubai to trade in cryptocurrencies, you will need an introduction to the VARA processes, such as issuing of permits for virtual assets services.

    For this, using the expert services of GBO will smooth the whole path for you. Introducing the new Golden visa.

    In the past, foreign investors and businessmen looking to establish a company in the UAE could only receive a two-year visa and had to be sponsored by an existing UAE citizen. Now, both businessmen and skilled service professionals can apply for the new Golden visa, which grants residency for up to five years, and which is extendable for a total of ten years. The same visa rules now hold for family members and domestic staff.

    Investors and skilled workers can also sponsor their own families. With the help of GBO’s business setup consultants in Dubai, you will be able to apply for the extended visa before you start your setup and make sure you get the proper visa for your own particular needs

    There is also a business entry permit for first-time investors who are looking to see whether there are fresh business opportunities and to assess which free zone matches their needs. This special visa doesn’t require a host or sponsor.


    GBO can work to get this permit for you. Now, you can come to Dubai and learn about the great investment opportunities available with minimal bureaucracy .

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    GBO is an official Dubai IFZA corporate services provider


    Do I need a visa to work in the UAE?
    Without a visa, you will be unable to live or work in any of the Emirates. A visa also grants you tax exemptions on personal income, and from import, export and customs taxes.

    Also, without a visa you will not be able to open financial and banking accounts, lease premises, apply for a UAE driving licence or access healthcare.

    How much is a UAE visa?

    The cost depends on which Emirate you are requesting the visa for, and can cost an investor/businessman between 1,200 and 10,000 euro, depending on which one you apply through.

    Visas for employees, dependents and domestic staff usually cost around one half of the business visa, again depending on which free zone is issuing the visa.


    Talk to our trained experts at GBO to get the full details of the costs involved, tailored to your own specific requirements.

    What are the medical requirements to apply for a visa?
    In all Emirates in the UAE, a medical exam that includes blood tests and a chest X-ray, as well as a fitness test, must be passed before you can get a visa.

    How long will it take to get my UAE visa?
    The application process can take between two to three weeks to complete. The application must be accompanied by medical test results, and an entry permit will be issued within 15 days if you make use of the fast-track process.

    Is a free zone visa limited?
    Free zone visas are always limited. The period that they are valid is shown on the visa. Visas that are tied to unlimited employment contracts also have an expiry date, but they can normally be renewed for the duration of the contract.

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