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There are two distinct options for businesses looking to set up a new online gambling service for the software gaming platform – either purpose-built casino software developed from scratch (known as Turnkey solutions) or lease of a fully operational online solution, generally known as a white label casino solution.

Here at GBO, we have been involved in selecting and implementing hundreds of white label online gaming platform solutions for our customers. Before you take this crucial first step in selecting your white label online gaming solution, you can discuss the options with us and reach the correct decision with confidence.

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    What does “White Label” mean?

    The term “white label” does not apply only to white label online casino software, but generally describes the process in which a software application product is designed and built by one vendor and is then repackaged and marketed by other companies under their own brand name. In the case of white label casino solutions, developers provide complete and fully functional ready-to-go packages that have been tested and perfected by their developers in consultation with existing online gaming operators. This means that white label online casino software purchasers do not have to invest in the long and complicated processes of system analysis, design, programming, testing, and debugging that are part of all software development and necessary for the alternative turnkey solution.

    How to compile a list of suitable white label online casino software solutions

    You must start by identifying your target market where your website will work. As the first step in selecting which are the possible white label casino solutions, you must match the range of gambling options provided by the package to that of your target market. Elements like languages and currencies supported on your online casino website are essential. As well, aesthetics for the casino website design such as color/graphics schemes, ads banners, layout, and so on must be factored in to suit the expectations of the players.

    Another significant feature in selecting the possible white label casino providers is how their package can integrate with your planned payment processing system.

    In addition to these, the standard features that should be built-in to any good white label casino solution are:

    • Integrate with your marketing and affiliate programs, including scheduling and managing promotions, tournaments, and competitions.
    • Manage individual account activity, with the ability to suspend any transactions in accounts showing suspicious activity
    • Collect and analyze statistical information on activity, accounts, response times and other metrics of performance

    What makes a white label casino solution right for you?

    The most important single factor that will influence your decision once you have identified the possible candidates that match your white label casino solutions requirements will be the contract terms for a white label online gaming platform. While obviously, the cost may be the most important single item, you should not let price alone determine which is the correct white label online gaming platform for your needs. You should also rate the terms of the contract for elements like:

    • Flexibility – where you can scale the range of games, currencies and languages up (or down) to match your experiences in the live market
    • Access rights – some agreements will have a clause restricting you to a maximum activity level (which can be the number of players active at any one time, the volume of traffic, or other metrics). Make sure your agreement states a procedure for increasing the limits without penalties or states the penalties
    • Service and support – usually incorporated as the SLA (Service Level Agreement) it sets the minimum levels of performance measured by response times and service availability (uptime percentage) and states what penalties the white label online gaming platform vendor will suffer if these levels aren’t met
    • Data security and ownership – you need your data to be segregated from that of the other customers using the white label service, fully encrypted and backed-up
    • What happens in the event of the vendor’s bankruptcy or termination of services
    • Provisions for termination and renewal of the agreement.


    What is the best Gaming white label platform?

    Based on our experience in providing GBO customers with the best possible choices, we have compiled a list of the most suitable providers of gaming white label platforms, including:

    • Evolution Gaming
    • International Game Technology (IGT)
    • Microgaming
    • Net Entertainment (NetEnt)
    • Novomatic
    • Playtech
    • Realtime Gaming
    • Scientific Games

    These software vendors provide the software package and reliable after-sales service, including regular software updates to keep it up-to-date with the latest demand from players. They also provide technical support for your employees in the event of a system crash. To be sure, talk to our GBO team to find out which one best suits your needs, but overall, we’re convinced that one or more of them will do the trick.


    What are the main benefits of White Label online casino solutions

    • Faster operational launch (Time To Market) – white labels solutions are generally “out-of-the-box” offerings that can be personalized and launched within a few days.
    • There are no development costs – white label online gaming platforms are already fully developed and tested. The cost is an ongoing rental (monthly/annually) with no up-front design/programming/testing expense as for turnkey solutions
    • Lower risk – ‘a worst-case scenario’ in the event that the selected package does not meet your requirements would simply involve locating and installing an alternative white label gaming platform, with no prolonged disruption to your operations or substantial additional expense.
    • Some of the white label software also offer turn-key solution that includes company formation, bank accounts, gaming licenses like Curacao gaming license fees, AML and more

    Broader product capability – you can select a white label casino solution that provides more functionality than you need initially (such as the variety of games and languages) and then expand your usage as demand dictates.

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