Comoros Anjouan Forex License’s costs, requirements, countries it can’t be used in, and procedures

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    Learn about the Anjouan Forex License’s costs, requirements, countries it can’t be used in, and procedures.

    If you want to be taken seriously and trusted in the world of Forex trading, you must have a legal license. Anjouan is a self-governing island in the Union of Comoros. It has become a popular place to get a Forex license because of its low prices, simple process, and friendly regulatory environment.

    Anjouan Forex License’s costs

    The fee that Anjouan Corporate Services (ACS) usually charges for a Forex license is fair. As of September 2021, when I last checked, the application fee was around $2,000, and the yearly license fee was around $3,000. But these prices can change, so it’s best to check the most up-to-date numbers. There may also be other costs, like fees for legal and consulting services, which can vary based on how complicated the application is.

    Anjouan Forex License Requirements

    Anjouan’s standards for getting the cheap estForex license are pretty easy to understand:

    • Registration of a Company: The applicant must open a company in Anjouan in order to trade Forex.
    • Capital Needed: Usually, you need at least $50,000 in capital to get started.
    • Due Diligence: All of the leaders and shareholders of the company go through thorough due diligence checks.
    • Local Presence: The company doesn’t need to have a local listed agent and a local director, and doesn’t have to have a local office.

    Anjouan Forex License countries

    Anjouan does not list any countries that are not allowed to trade Forex. But it is up to the company to make sure it follows foreign rules, especially those about Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CTF).


    Steps to Getting

    Most of the time, the following steps are needed to get an Anjouan Forex license:

    • Company Registration: Use a local registered person to set up an Anjouan Offshore Company.
    • Preparing the application: Put together the application package, which includes the application forms and the operating manual.
    • Review and Approval: The application is looked over by the Anjouan authorities. The authorities will issue the Forex license if all of the standards are met.

    In the past few years, Forex brokers and companies have become more interested in the Anjouan Forex license for several reasons:

    1. Ease of Registration: Anjouan’s registration process for Forex licenses is simple and quick, which makes it a good choice for businesses that want to get up and running quickly.
    2. Low Costs: Getting a Forex license in Anjouan isn’t too expensive compared to other places. This covers both the application and annual fees, as well as the minimum amount of money that needs to be in the account.
    3. Tax Breaks: Anjouan is known for having a good tax system. There is no income tax, withholding tax, or corporate tax in this country, which can be a big plus for Forex companies.
    4. Regulatory Environment: The Anjouan Corporate Services (ACS) offers a well-balanced regulatory environment. It makes sure that businesses follow international rules, especially in areas like Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF), but it also gives Forex companies some flexibility that can be helpful.
    5. Privacy: Companies that are founded in Anjouan have a lot of privacy, which can be appealing to a lot of businesses.
      Getting a Forex license from Anjouan can be a great way for a company to start a legal and regulated Forex dealing business. But it’s important to get help from experts to get through the process quickly and make sure all the rules are followed. As an expert in Forex license services, I can help businesses get a Forex license by providing full support throughout the application process.



    Whar is the Anjouan Forex License
    The Anjouan Forex License is a financial permit issued by Anjouan Corporate Services in the Union of Comoros. It allows businesses to operate regulated forex trading, attracting companies with its straightforward application process, affordable costs, and favorable regulations. However, the process requires expert guidance to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements.


    How much is a forex license in Anjouan?
    To obtain the Anjouan forex license, there is a stipulated minimum capital requirement. The cost for the application process is around 50’000 USD. Moreover, there are recurring annual charges amounting to $25,000. Besides these licensing expenses, additional costs are involved in establishing a forex brokerage in Anjouan.


    What do you need for an Anjouan, Comoros forex license?
    1. Securing an Anjouan forex license necessitates the submission of specific documents. These include A certified photocopy of your passport,
      An original or attested copy of a bank reference letter,
      A utility bill serving as evidence of your address.

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