GBO’s Success Story: Set Up of an Anjouan Gaming License on Belize Company

Success Story: Establishing an Anjouan Gaming License for a Belizean Company

GBO has been active for many years in assisting investors looking to establish a presence in the attractive Anjouan online gambling jurisdiction. In this article, we will present summaries of our actual experiences for customers who run e-gaming operations in Anjouan as well as in other similar jurisdictions.

Through GBO’s worldwide network of gaming-friendly banks and payment processors and our great expertise in dealing with the Gaming Control Boards, we will help you through all the hurdles. 

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    GBO’s Victory in Obtaining an Anjouan Gaming License for a Belize Company

    GBO recently orchestrated a success story involving the establishment of a Belize-based company and the acquisition of an Anjouan gaming license. This venture not only demonstrates GBO’s gaming expertise, but also their ability to navigate complex international regulations with ease and efficiency.

    The Strategic Roadmap:

    The project began with the formation of a corporation in Belize, a country known for its business-friendly environment and favorable gaming laws. This strategic location selection was critical in providing the client with a solid foundation for their gaming operations.

    Getting an Anjouan Gaming License:

    The following critical step was obtaining an Anjouan gambling license. The Anjouan license, known for its global recognition and relatively simple application process, was the ideal match for the client’s international gaming ambitions. GBO’s experienced team successfully navigated the complex licensing process, ensuring compliance and timely acquisition.

    Connecting to an Online Casino Platform:

    The newly licensed company was then introduced to one of GBO’s leading top online casino platforms. This platform was chosen because of its advanced technology, user-friendly interface, and scalability, which perfectly match the client’s operational needs and future growth plans.

    Making it easier to open an EMI account:

    GBO connected the company with an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) for their banking needs to complete the setup. The chosen EMI was well-known for its gaming industry expertise, providing services tailored to the unique financial needs of online gaming companies. Thanks to GBO’s guidance and assistance, the account opening process was smooth and quick.

    Cost-effectiveness and efficiency:

    GBO’s dedication to efficiency and cost-effectiveness distinguished this project. The entire process, from company formation to license acquisition and financial integration, was completed in record time while keeping the client’s budget in mind. This rapid execution did not sacrifice quality or compliance, demonstrating GBO’s meticulous planning and industry expertise.

    Success Factors:

    1. Strategic Jurisdiction Selection: GBO’s strategic foresight was demonstrated by its selection of Belize for company formation and Anjouan for gaming licensing.
    2. Licensing Process: Navigating the Anjouan gaming license procedure efficiently was critical for project completion on time.
    3. Integrating a top-tier online casino platform provided the client with a solid foundation for their gaming operations.
    4. Financial Networking: By leveraging connections with a suitable EMI, the financial setup was streamlined, improving the company’s operational capabilities.
    5. Time and Cost Management: It was critical to balance time efficiency with cost-effectiveness in order to deliver a successful outcome within the client’s constraints.


    This case study demonstrates GBO’s ability to create tailored solutions for the gaming industry. Their ability to combine strategic planning with efficient execution across jurisdictions, licensing, technological integration, and financial setups distinguishes them as a market leader in gaming corporate services. Their success with an Anjouan gaming license in the Belize company case serves as a beacon for similar enterprises seeking expert guidance in this dynamic industry.

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