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Looking for an Online Casino License For Sale

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    There are many countries that are allowing establishment of operations for online gambling websites and that offer an online casino license for sale. However, there are many factors that you need to take into account before deciding which country to base your operations in. 


    Our two most favored jurisdictions, that provide the best opportunities for investors, are Curacao and Malta. Here is why we recommend them:

    Online casino license for sale from Curacao

    Curacao is considered one of the most trustworthy gaming license jurisdictions and a popular choice for offshore online gaming operators and startups. All forms of online gambling are legal and the government offers attractive tax rates for operators, network providers and software businesses.

    Below, we will tell you more about the Curacao gaming license for sale through us.

    What are the benefits of the Curaçaoe Gambling license for sale?

    • The license is valid for sports betting, casino games, poker, bingo, lottery and more
    • Fast market launch.
    • No restrictions on cryptocurrency license with a Curaçao license
    • High demand from online casino companies world-wide
    • Easy to get license, fast and low-cost procedure when you use GBO
    • With this license, GBO can help you open the necessary bank accounts and payment processing services.

    Curaçao has two types of gambling licenses. A master license allows for e-gaming operations for the holder and provides the possibility to sell sub-licenses to other third parties. Master licenses are no longer being issued by the Minister of Justice.

    • A Curacao sub-license for sale offers the same rights to operate online gambling activities in a legitimate manner but is a single-instance license. A sub-licensee cannot sell additional
    • sub-licenses to third parties. In any case, the Curaçao gaming license for sale will be a sub-license.

    Trusted by clients around the world

    GBO is a market-leading Curacao Gaming license services provider

    Why buy your Curacao license from GBO?

    Using our expert service, the procedure for obtaining a Curacao gaming sub-license is fast and efficient and can be completed in under 2 weeks. Applying should be done through us as we have all the required knowledge and experience.

    We offer competitive fees and fast incorporation. The steps for obtaining the license are divided into several categories:

    • Incorporation of a holding company for the sub-license.
    • Acquiring the gambling sub-license for Curaçao – including all procedures – set-up fees, annual sub-license fee, annual due diligence fee and annual database backup hosting. Contact us for full details of all costs involved.
    • Establishing payment services and banking – we can assist you with your merchant payment needs. Each online gambling operation must have the ability to accept and repay funds from end-user players. This is the most basic aspect of running your Curaçao online casino.

    Why Malta license for sale?

    There are quite a few reasons why you should select Malta for a license:

    • Low gaming tax;
    • Lower licensing fees compared to other jurisdictions;
    • Malta enjoys a high level of economic and political stability;
    • Malta iGaming industry is well-regulated in the interest of both the players and the operators;
    • Malta has established an excellent telecom and IT infrastructure with outstanding levels of availability and stability;
    • Malta’s enactment of laws in relation to blockchain and other fintech services makes it a leading iGaming environment;
    • Probably the most important advantage for Malta lies in its membership of the European Union – see more about this below.
    • Provisions of European Union law, jurisdiction and precedence relevant to gaming

    Malta is in the EU

    What is most important for international operations is that if a company based in a country inside the European Union has a gambling license, its services can be aimed at participants throughout the EU – a potential market of over half a billion people. This comes about through the EU Freedom of Establishment law and from judgments of the European Court of Justice (see especially European Court of Justice ruling of 9th September 2010 – C316/07).

    Because of this, with a license from Malta, gaming services can be offered throughout the EU without restriction, as any local limits or barriers on gambling would breach the freedom to provide services.

    Malta is widely regarded as the most advantageous jurisdiction in Europe in which to establish a gaming operation. The iGaming industry in Malta benefits from a government approach that limits bureaucracy and keeps in step with global trends and developments. Malta already has the largest base of operators, and is continuing to build on its success. 

    Details about sourcing the Malta gaming license for sale through us.

    The online Malta license requirements are defined in the regulations of the Malta Gaming Authority. The Gaming Authorisations Regulations provide that gambling operations cannot be operated, promoted or sold by any person in Malta unless it is authorized to be operated through a licensed entity. 

    As a member of the European Union, Malta applies a ‘recognition’ regime in terms of which a gaming operator licensed in another EU or EEA member state or in an approved territory is permitted to offer its games in Malta or from Malta. This means that if you already hold a license from some other EU country, you don’t need a Malta gaming license in order to offer gaming facilities from here.

    Malta licenses for gambling, online casino and gaming

    Under the Malta law, holders of gambling licenses are permitted to offer both online and land-based gambling, such as casino gaming, sports betting, gaming devices, remote gaming, a National Lottery or other lotteries, and others.

    Under the Gaming Act, there are two classes of remote gaming licenses. 

    • Critical Gaming Supply license (aka B2B license): a business-to-business license to supply a gaming service for a separate corporate entity;`
    • Gaming Service license (aka B2C license): a business to consumer license offering a service to end customers. Under a B2C class license, there are 4 types of games:
      • Type 1 – Games of chance played against the house, the outcome of which is determined by a random generator, including roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker played against the house, lotteries, secondary lotteries and virtual sports games;
      • Type 2 – Games of chance played against the house but not based on random events, such as sports betting and horse race wagers.
      • Type 3 – Games of chance not played against the house and where the operator takes a commission or other charge based on the stakes or the prize, as in player-versus-player games such as poker;
      • Type 4 – Controlled skill games as per regulation 8 of the Gaming Authorisations Regulations. 

    The main relevance of the different gaming types is in determining the level of the gaming tax collected by the state. 


    How much does an online casino license cost?

    There is no simple answer. Each country that has its online casino license for sale charges its own fees. These can range from around $16,000 in our favorite location, Curaçao, up to quarter of a million euros in EU country members. Some countries also issue their license for a one-time cost, as in Curaçao, or for fixed-term periods, like Malta, or with an annual renewal fee.

    Is it legal to start an online casino?

    Every country sets its own laws. Even in countries like the USA and Australia, the laws differ from state to state where the Federal government does not have jurisdiction. Therefore it’s essential to have expert and professional guidance, like we provide here at GBO.

    Is owning an online casino profitable?

    As long as you have done the preliminary work properly, with the professional guidance from advisers like GBO who know their way around the very complicated field, it’s possible to set up a great and money generating operation. However, there are many up-front costs that you have to finance out of your own pockets before the casino starts to generate revenue, so the view you need to take is that it’s a medium to long-term proposition and quick profits aren’t going to happen.

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