The New Curacao New Licenses Applications Requirements in 2024

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    Journey to Acquiring the New Gaming License in Curacao:

    Ever since the inception of the National Ordinance on Offshore Games of Hazard (NOOGH), the Curaçao Gaming Control Board (GCB) has been entrusted with the pivotal role of conferring online gaming licenses aimed at the global market.


    Licensing Vision: The GCB’s licensing is anchored in globally acclaimed principles:

    • Ensuring a zero-tolerance approach to fraudulent and illicit gaming operations.
    • Championing player rights, with a focus on the younger audience, and assuring the disbursement of their legitimate winnings.
    • Taking proactive measures against gambling-related addiction issues. Gaming vendors in Curacao are mandated to offer services that resonate with safety, ethical practices, lucidity, and unwavering reliability.

    Essentials for Curacao Gambling License Application:

    • The applicant should be a recognized legal entity within Curacao.
    • Entities emphasizing player and monetary management are prime candidates.
    • The application process mandates the submission of specialized forms including, but not limited to, the Online Gaming License Application Form, Business Disclosure Form, and a comprehensive Personal History Disclosure.
    • The GCB, during its assessment phase, places a premium on the applicant’s credibility, fiscal robustness, and the reach of its delivery avenues. Post the granting of the license, the licensee is required to present specific policies to the GCB within a stipulated six-month window.

    GBO will take care of everything for you!

    The new Portal Procedure for the Curacao Application:

    • The official domain is equipped with all essential forms and documents.
    • Post receipt of a detailed application, the GCB aims to revert with its decision within a sixty-day timeframe.
    • Licenses, once granted, have a validity span of a year, subject to specific compliance mandates. These mandates can have nuances based on the individual licensee.
    • The fee structure for licensing is in sync with the national decree as underscored in the NOOGH. For access to the revamped portal, direct your browsers to


    Curacao Online Gaming License by GCB

    Article 1 Definitions


    a. applications software: A comprehensive collection of software tools that manage player information, game content, transactions, and other data related to the gaming operation.

    b. gaming platform: The all-encompassing digital interface through which licensed gaming activities are provided.

    c. Operational hardware: Devices used in operations to manage key data, including player information, financial transactions, and game transactions.

    d. remote gaming: Online gaming activities that fall under the jurisdiction of this license.

    e. Foundation Gaming Control Board (e. GCB). f. chief executive: The person responsible for overseeing daily operational activities and regulatory compliance.

    f. NOOGH: National Ordinance on Offshore Gambling.

    g. license holder: Entity that possesses a license in accordance with NOOGH requirements. National Service Identification Ordinance (NOIS).

    h. NORUT: National Ordinance Regarding the Reporting of Unusual Activities. k. Participant: A person registered with the license holder as a player.

    i. Player portfolio: A dedicated account under the license holder that represents a player’s gaming balance for gaming participation only.

    j. A section of the gaming platform that is accessible after registration.

    k. SNO is an abbreviation for National Sanctions Ordinance.

    l. major stakeholder: A person or entity with at least a ten percent stake in capital shares or equivalent influence.

    m. A person who exercises ultimate control or ownership over the licensee’s business, whether directly or indirectly.

    n. rewards: monetary or equivalent prizes earned by participating in licensed gaming activities.

    Article 2 License Procedure

    1. A remote gaming license, as defined in Article 1 of NOOGH, is granted to a corporation incorporated in Curacao, subject to subsequent conditions.
    2. The validity of licenses is one year, subject to potential revocations or legislative changes.
    3. The license covers the provision of remote gambling services.
    4. The licensee must offer the licensed games exclusively.
    5. Compliance with all GCB policies, standards, and directives regarding licensed games is required.

    Article 3 Restrictions and Delegation of Licenses

    1. Transferring or entering into usage agreements with third parties is prohibited.
    2. The licensee ensures continuous compliance with LBH, NORUT, NOIS, and SNO regulations.
    3. When delegating duties to third parties, the licensee ensures compliance with the aforementioned regulations.

    Article 4 Limitations Universelles

    1. The following individuals are prohibited from participating in gaming: a. Curacao residents; b. Minors (below 18); c. Licensee’s staff or key executives; d. Self-imposed exclusion players.
    2. Prohibited are both direct and indirect credit facilities for players.
    3. Negative balances are not permitted in player portfolios.
    4. If a player’s balance can’t cover a bet, their participation isn’t allowed, unless with GCB’s prior consent.
    5. Changes to domains, primary owners, major stakeholders, directors, and top executives require prior approval from GCB.

    Article 5 License Fee

    The licensees must pay the stipulated licensing fees.

    Article 6 Protocols for Safety and Security

    1. A safe and secure environment for players is essential.
    2. Games must always be available in a secure, uninterrupted manner.
    3. Personal and transaction data should be handled securely.
    4. The operations should be led by individuals with spotless records.
    5. Licensees must maintain sufficient funds for prize payouts.
    6. Protocols for information security must be in place. The GCB requires a copy of these policies that has been audited within six months of license issuance.

    Article 7 Management of Hardware and Software

    1. The GCB must approve security-tested hardware and software from a credible third party.
    2. Regular maintenance and updates ensure the integrity of operations.
    3. A hardware and software inventory must be maintained, and the GCB may request periodic updates.
    4. Comprehensive software documentation is required.

    Article 8 Onboarding Players

    1. Before participating, players must register and log in, unless the game is promotional or for demonstration purposes.
    2. When dealing with player transactions, intermediaries must be registered and auditable.
    3. Mandatory player identification procedures exist.
    4. Players should have the option to self-exclude and limit their play.

    Article 9 Transactions Financial

    1. All transactions between the licensee and player are conducted via the player portfolio.
    2. Mandatory separate accounts for player deposits and rewards.
    3. The transactions of intermediaries are recorded in their accounts.
    4. All wagers are made in the currency specified.
    5. Both actual and virtual currencies should be tradable internationally.
    6. Currency exchanges are restricted in player portfolios.
    7. The payouts are made in the wagering currency.
    8. Access to a player’s portfolio information is uninterrupted.

    Article 10 Certification for Gaming

    1. Every game owned by a licensee must undergo independent certification.
    2. Additionally, third-party game offerings should be certified.
    3. Evidence of certification must be presented to the GCB within six months of acquiring a license.

    Article 11 Terms of Operation

    1. Always available are terms and conditions that are transparent.
    2. These terms must be unambiguous and transparent.
    3. Essential components include amendment procedures, player rights, and gaming regulations.
    4. Players should be promptly informed of any changes.

    Article 12 Handling of Complaints

    1. There should be a transparent procedure for handling player complaints.
    2. The GCB may establish rules for resolving disputes, which may include alternative approaches.

    Article 13 Documentation

    1. Essential to licensed gaming activities are distinct records.
    2. These records must be exhaustive, current, and available for inspection by the GCB.
    3. Details regarding games, players, and transactions constitute essential information.

    Article 14 Information to the Public

    1. Essential information, including the licensee’s credentials, gaming standards, and self-exclusion options, should be accessible to the public.
    2. This information must be accessible in English and easily understandable.
    3. Changes must be promptly communicated.
    4. Important measures must be taken to prevent underage and compulsive gaming.

    Article 15 Mechanism for Reporting

    1. The GCB should be provided with all pertinent information and reports.
    2. The reports contain change logs and incident information.
    3. Within 24 hours, incidents must be reported to the GCB.

    Article 16 Revocation of a License

    1. The GCB can suspend licenses if there are substantial grounds for revocation.
    2. There are numerous grounds for revoking a license, including violations and financial inconsistencies.
    3. Before revoking, the GCB provides an opportunity for a hearing.

    Section 17 Officials designated by the GCB supervise compliance.

    1. These officials have the authority necessary for effective supervision.
    2. Licensees are required to work in complete concert with these officials.
    3. [1] These requirements are applicable to licenses issued by the GCB to operators offering remote gaming on an international platform.
    4. In the event of a conflict with the official license conditions, the latter shall prevail.

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    What is the new Curacao License application?

    The Gaming Control Board of Curaçao has initiated the application process for operators seeking to obtain new licenses for online gambling.

    What documents does the new Curacao license application form requrers?

    The updated application form for a Curacao gambling license necessitates a collection of documents and policies pertaining to the Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) of the company, as well as comprehensive Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and compliance protocols. In total, applicants are expected to prepare and submit around 20 distinct policies.

    What is the new Curacao license application cost?

    Around 35,000 EUR. The costs of the new master license will be for license fees, applications, audits, AML, Local directors, offices and more.

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