Open Bank Accounts to Curacao Gaming Company in 2024

GBO specializes in corporate services and provides assistance to gaming companies with their banking needs.

One of our primary services is assisting Curaçao businesses with opening bank accounts throughout Europe. With our considerable expertise and experience, we can help you through the procedure and guarantee that your business satisfies all standards. Our objective is to streamline the procedure so that you can focus on operating your business.

We provide various banking options suited to the risk profile of Curacao businesses.

  1. According to the recent update from 31.12.2023
  2. We will assist with obtaining licenses under the new regime.
  3. New jurisdiction – Anjouan Gaming License. For details: [email protected] or WhatsApp us below.

We Can Help You Open Bank Accounts and Obtain Your Curacao Gaming License

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    When you negotiate through GBO, the whole package is bundled so there are no extras because we include the full Curaçao gaming license cost.

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    Last Update 31.12.2023

    We’re alerting you to key changes in Curacao’s licensing framework due to the new LOK law, now under parliamentary consideration. This law necessitates all current sublicense holders to upgrade to Master licenses by end of March, as detailed in the attached document.

    Please review these important changes and contact us for any clarification or further information. We’re here to help navigate this transition smoothly. Your swift response is crucial for a seamless shift to the New Curacao license.

    In addition to assisting Curacao enterprises in creating bank accounts in Europe, we also provide Curacao gaming license acquisition services. With more than a decade of expertise, we have assisted many clients in obtaining Curacao licenses.

    What documentation must a Curaçao firm present to the bank to initiate the onboarding procedure?
    Curacao businesses are normally required to provide the following documentation to initiate the opening of a bank account:

    o start the onboarding process for a bank account, a Curacao company typically needs to provide several documents, including:

    1. Certificate of incorporation and registration: This document confirms that the company is legally registered in Curacao.
    2. Articles of Association: This document outlines the company’s internal regulations and governance structure.
    3. Proof of identity: The bank will require personal identification documents for all company directors and authorized signatories.
    4. Company bank statements: The bank may require bank statements for the past 6 to 12 months to assess the company’s financial stability.
    5. Source of funds: A detailed explanation of the source of the company’s funds and expected transactions.
    6. Professional references: References from lawyers, accountants, or other professional advisors who can verify the company’s legitimacy and reputation

    Owing to its permissive regulatory environment, the island country of Curacao is quickly becoming a popular site for firms in the casino and online gambling sectors. Yet, because Curacao is an offshore country, obtaining a commercial bank account for a Curacao-based firm might be challenging.

    The procedure of opening a business bank account for a Curacao-based company normally involves submitting corporate paperwork such as the certificate of formation, articles of association, and verification of the firm’s physical address. The bank may also request the company’s commercial operations, as well as the identities of its directors and owners, as extra pieces of information.

    Because Curacao is considered an offshore country, opening a bank account for a Curacao-based business might be difficult. This is one of the key causes of the challenge. Due to worries over the laundering of illegal cash and the evasion of taxes, banks and regulatory agencies have a larger likelihood of increasing their vigilance and skepticism. It is likely that some banks would flatly refuse to do business with offshore corporations, while others may need additional documentation and rigorous due diligence procedures.

    Nonetheless, there are some banks who are more ready to engage with Curacao-based enterprises. Particularly in Europe, the financial institutions that handle electronic currency have a reputation for being more accommodating to the gambling sector. These establishments are permitted to provide financial services and may offer a number of services, including payment processing, merchant accounts, and electronic wallets, among others.

    Due to the island’s position as an offshore jurisdiction, it may be difficult to register a commercial bank account for a Curacao company, although it is not impossible. While certain banks may be more ready to engage with Curacao firms than others, the vast majority of banks will demand such collaboration.


    Can Curaçao companies open bank accounts in Europe?
    Yes, a Curaçao company is able to open a bank account in Europe. Due to Curacao’s status as an offshore jurisdiction, however, it may be more difficult than for companies incorporated in other countries.

    Is a Curacao company regarded as high risk by banks?
    In some instances, banks may view Curacao companies as high risk due to the higher perceived risk of financial crime, such as money laundering, associated with offshore jurisdictions. This may not be the case for all banks and financial institutions, though.

    How does a Curacao business open a bank account?
    To open a business bank account, a Curacao company will typically need to provide a number of documents, including a certificate of incorporation, articles of association, proof of identity for all company directors and authorized signatories, and bank statements for the previous six to twelve months. In addition, the bank may require a detailed explanation of the company’s source of funds and anticipated transactions, as well as professional references from attorneys, accountants, or other advisors who can attest to the company’s legitimacy and reputation.

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