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    GBO is a leading corporate services company specializing in the gaming industry. With our deep understanding and expertise, we provide innovative solutions including gaming licensing, bank accounts, merchant services, systems, and much more

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    Established Trust: Our company is widely recognized as a dependable and knowledgeable entity in the gaming industry. Since 2009, we have built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality services to our clients.

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    Comprehensive Support: Apart from assisting you with the licensing process, we go the extra mile to support your business endeavors. We can help you establish business bank accounts and Payment Service Providers (PSPs), ensuring you have the necessary financial infrastructure in place.

    By choosing our services, you gain access to our extensive experience, efficient procedures, and comprehensive support, making your journey to obtaining a gaming license in Vanuatu smooth and fruitful.


    Vanuatu Gaming License costs and requirements

    The Vanuatu Gaming Control Board (VGCB) oversees a comprehensive online gaming licensing program for Vanuatu, an island nation in the South Pacific. This article provides an overview of obtaining an online gaming license in Vanuatu, including the regulatory framework, application process, compliance requirements, and the benefits of selecting Vanuatu as your licensing jurisdiction.

    1. Regulatory Framework: The VGCB, as a member of the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR), adheres to the IAGR’s Code of Conduct, ensuring transparency and integrity in the licensing process.
    2. Eligibility and Application Process: To apply for an online gaming license in Vanuatu, the first step is to establish a company within the jurisdiction.
    3. The company must have a minimum paid-up capital of Vt10 million (approximately $7,000) and appoint a local director and auditor. The application process requires various documents, including a completed application form, articles of incorporation, certificate of incorporation, auditor’s report, management team CVs, a description of gaming products and services, and a marketing plan.
    4. Licensing Requirements: The VGCB imposes strict requirements and regulations to ensure the safety and fairness of online gambling operations. Licensed operators must maintain a secure gaming platform, protect player funds, prevent minors from gambling, and provide transparent and fair gaming. Regular audits are conducted by the VGCB to ensure compliance.
    5. Decision and Licensing Timeline: Each application undergoes a thorough review by the VGCB, with a determination typically issued within sixty days. Approved applicants receive a license to legally operate within Vanuatu’s jurisdiction.
    6. Tax Advantages: Vanuatu’s favorable tax structure makes it an attractive location for online gaming operators. There are no corporate tax, withholding tax, or value-added tax on gaming profits, creating a business-friendly environment.


    Advantages of Vanuatu Online Gambling License:

    1. Reputable Gaming Regulator: The VGCB is known for its commitment to fair and responsible gambling practices, enhancing the credibility of licensed operators.
    2. Tax Exemptions: Profits from gambling are exempt from corporate tax, withholding tax, and value-added tax, offering significant financial advantages.
    3. Thriving Market: Vanuatu has a growing online gaming market with established and successful operators, providing opportunities for growth and profitability.


    By obtaining a Vanuatu online gaming license through the VGCB, operators gain access to a flourishing market, a reputable licensing jurisdiction, and beneficial tax advantages. Adhering to stringent regulations and compliance requirements ensures the security, fairness, and integrity of your online gambling operations.


    What is the cost of a Vanuatu gambling license?

    In Vanuatu, an interactive gaming license is valid for a period of 10 years. The application fee for obtaining this license is USD $75,000, and there is an annual license fee of USD $50,000.


    What country is the easiest to get a gambling license?
    The Vanuatu Gambling License is highly sought after among online casinos and is known for being relatively easier to obtain compared to other licenses. However, the process still requires significant involvement from entrepreneurs who are required to provide necessary documents and plans as part of the application process.

    Vanuatu Online Gambling Regulations

    The 1993 Betting Control Act regulates gambling in Vanuatu, and licenses are issued in accordance with the Act’s requirements. The license issued by Vanuatu carries a high level of credibility as a result of these regulations guaranteeing strict gambling rules. Director of Customs and Internal Revenue is the Regulator responsible for enforcing the Act. Global Gaming Regulators Limited, the appointed government consultant responsible for administering the Act, provides assistance to the Regulator. Global Gaming Regulators represents and executes the roles and responsibilities outlined in the Interactive Gaming Act (2000) on behalf of the Director of Customs and Inland Revenue in their capacity as Regulator.

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