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    Anjouan Gaming License Requirements:

    Licensees in Anjouan must comply with the On-Line Gaming Act, 2005, protect vulnerable players, and prevent money laundering while maintaining financial ratios, submitting reports to the Gaming Board, and promptly notifying the board of relevant changes or incidents

    1. Licensees (and, if applicable, their officers, employees, or agents) are required to adhere to all requirements outlined in the On-Line Gaming Act, 2005. They are free to promote their interactive gaming services however they see fit, so long as they don’t harm Anjouan’s reputation or encourage gaming by minors.
    2. In order to identify at-risk players, including those who may develop into compulsive gamblers, Anjouan licensees must put in place the proper procedures. They must also give these players enough information and encouragement to contact counseling or assistance services. Additionally, they must keep up with international developments that affect the legality of international interactive gaming, particularly in nations where their operations or the participation of their players is expressly forbidden, and use every reasonable effort to stay away from those regions.
    3. Anjouan Licensees must maintain the financial ratios set forth by the Gaming Board and submit reports to it at predetermined intervals and in a predetermined format. Account-related cash transactions are not permitted.
    4. The Anjouan Gaming Board has established procedures that licensees must follow, including player identification, record-keeping, suspicious transaction identification and reporting, payment processing, and staff training, in order to prevent their services from being used for money laundering. They must also designate a senior employee (who might be their nominee) to serve as the money laundering reporting officer, who will alert the Anjouan Gaming Board to any suspicious transactions.
    5. The Anjouan Gaming Board must receive regular reports on gaming compliance issues from a senior staff member who may be the nominee for the position of compliance officer. The licensee must notify the Gaming Board within 7 days of any changes in the beneficial ownership of the licensee or any parent or associated company with a shareholding of 3% or more.
    6. If any gaming or gambling licenses issued in any jurisdiction worldwide have been revoked for causes other than voluntary actions, licensees are required to notify the Gaming Board. Any significant incidents or issues that might have an adverse effect on the use of the license, the course of remedial action, or the standing of Anjouan as a jurisdiction for interactive gaming must also be reported to the Gaming Board within 48 hours.
    7. Anjouan Licensees are required to inform the Gaming Board of any significant changes to previously provided information that might justify the license’s suspension or revocation. Licensees are required to show up to Gaming Board meetings on reasonable notice for the specified purposes. They must also make sure that the supplier of their systems is an appropriate business partner for their operations.
    8. The OFA has the right to suspend the license if the renewal fee is not paid by the deadline.


    How much is a gambling license in Anjouan?

    The initial cost of obtaining an Anjouan, Comoros gaming license is approximately $25,000. Additionally, a similar amount must be paid to the regulator annually as a maintenance fee.


    What do you need to start a gambling business in Comoros?

    In order to establish a gambling enterprise in Anjouan, Comoros, it is necessary to first register a company and secure a license. A Comoros gaming license enables you to operate a land-based or online casino legally, while also serving as an indicator of the business’s legitimacy and stability. Furthermore, it influences the trust and loyalty of your target audience

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