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Anjouan gaming license is considered the most affordable offshore gaming license, making it an excellent choice for entrepreneurs looking to launch their online casino. This cost-effective option allows businesses to enter the online gaming industry without excessive financial burdens while still benefiting from a recognized and regulated jurisdiction.

Main advantages:

  • The license can be implemented for any company located outside of Anjouan.
  • Cost-effective and doable.
  • The only gaming license similar to Curacao.
  • Recognized by banks, EMIs, financial institutions in Europe and gaming B2B companies.

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    Ajjouan Gaming Licence costs and fees

    Anjouan Gambling license prices maintenance annual fees

    wdt_ID Ongoing annual costs and prices Costs and fees
    1 Annual Anjouan Gaming License fees 13.300
    2 Annual Key Person Authorization fee (per Key Person). 2.000
    3 Annual compliance and due diligence fees
    4 (up to 4 Directors/Shareholders/UBOs)
    5 Required as part of ongoing Corporate Governance, License application 1.700
    6 Total Annual Maintenance Costs 17.000
    7 Aditional services (optional) 0
    8 Establishing a Company in Variuos jurisdictions to serve as License Holder
    9 including first year’s registered agent & office fee, and government 2.150
    10 2st year costs 2.150


    The Ajouan gaming license cost is approximately 17,500 EUR, encompassing a range of fees and expenses. This includes the Annual Anjouan Gaming License fees, covering both the initial setup fees and the required ISP service for compliance backups. The process for obtaining the license typically takes an estimated time of 2-3 weeks. In addition to the gaming license, there is an Annual Compliance Officer/Key Person Authorization fee applicable per Key Person involved. To ensure compliance and proper governance, there are also Initial Annual compliance and due diligence fees required, which take into account up to 4 Directors/Shareholders/UBOs. In scenarios involving complex structures, further due diligence fees may be incurred, typically ranging from €250 to €500 per subject. Taking all of these factors into consideration, the Total Initial costs for the licensing process amount to approximately 17,500 EUR

    Anjouan Gaming License Requirements:

    Licensees in Anjouan must comply with the On-Line Gaming Act, 2005, protect vulnerable players, and prevent money laundering while maintaining financial ratios, submitting reports to the Gaming Board, and promptly notifying the board of relevant changes or incidents

    1. Licensees (and, if applicable, their officers, employees, or agents) are required to adhere to all requirements outlined in the On-Line Gaming Act, 2005. They are free to promote their interactive gaming services however they see fit, so long as they don’t harm Anjouan’s reputation or encourage gaming by minors.
    2. In order to identify at-risk players, including those who may develop into compulsive gamblers, Anjouan licensees must put in place the proper procedures. They must also give these players enough information and encouragement to contact counseling or assistance services. Additionally, they must keep up with international developments that affect the legality of international interactive gaming, particularly in nations where their operations or the participation of their players is expressly forbidden, and use every reasonable effort to stay away from those regions.
    3. Anjouan Licensees must maintain the financial ratios set forth by the Gaming Board and submit reports to it at predetermined intervals and in a predetermined format. Account-related cash transactions are not permitted.
    4. The Anjouan Gaming Board has established procedures that licensees must follow, including player identification, record-keeping, suspicious transaction identification and reporting, payment processing, and staff training, in order to prevent their services from being used for money laundering. They must also designate a senior employee (who might be their nominee) to serve as the money laundering reporting officer, who will alert the Anjouan Gaming Board to any suspicious transactions.
    5. The Anjouan Gaming Board must receive regular reports on gaming compliance issues from a senior staff member who may be the nominee for the position of compliance officer. The licensee must notify the Gaming Board within 7 days of any changes in the beneficial ownership of the licensee or any parent or associated company with a shareholding of 3% or more.
    6. If any gaming or gambling licenses issued in any jurisdiction worldwide have been revoked for causes other than voluntary actions, licensees are required to notify the Gaming Board. Any significant incidents or issues that might have an adverse effect on the use of the license, the course of remedial action, or the standing of Anjouan as a jurisdiction for interactive gaming must also be reported to the Gaming Board within 48 hours.
    7. Anjouan Licensees are required to inform the Gaming Board of any significant changes to previously provided information that might justify the license’s suspension or revocation. Licensees are required to show up to Gaming Board meetings on reasonable notice for the specified purposes. They must also make sure that the supplier of their systems is an appropriate business partner for their operations.
    8. The OFA has the right to suspend the license if the renewal fee is not paid by the deadline.


    Ongoing Maintenance for the second year an on

    After obtaining your Anjouan gaming license and establishing the necessary corporate structures, it is imperative that you prioritize ongoing maintenance.

    This includes:

    1. Annual reports
    2. Compliance requirements
    3. Renewal fees
    4. Other issues that require periodic attention

    In addition to adding additional payment accounts, modifying the business description, changing directors or shareholders, and acquiring additional licenses to bolster your portfolio, you may wish to consider these options as your business grows.

    GBO will be handling this for your ongoing maintenance needs in order to effectively manage these essential factors. With our knowledge and familiarity with your business, we can provide comprehensive assistance with all of the above tasks and more. Instead of attempting to navigate the complexities on your own, relying on GBO enables a seamless continuation of support and efficient management of corporate and license-related matters.

    In addition, We offer a maintenance package designed to meet the needs of all customers at an exceptional value. Our comprehensive services with competitive fixed pricing cover corporate matters, compliance obligations, and other related issues on an ongoing basis, ensuring smooth operations and regulatory compliance.


    Why the Anjouan Gambling License is Perfect for New Online Gaming Businesses

    Traditionally, when considering licensing jurisdictions, many gambling startups prioritize well-known locations such as Curacao, Vanuatu and Malta. Although these jurisdictions offer licensing options, obtaining a license can be costly, complicated, and time-consuming.

    Obtaining an Anjouan gaming license is highly recommended for startups and entrepreneurs seeking to test new concepts or platforms. This strategy minimizes risk by beginning with a lower-cost licensing jurisdiction and permits future decisions regarding potential transitions to other licenses or the addition of additional licenses.

    In comparison to other online gambling jurisdictions, the Anjouan license is particularly advantageous for startups due to its low cost and streamlined application process. Obtaining an Anjouan gambling license is relatively easy, making it an excellent option for those who wish to establish an online presence quickly.

    With an Anjouan gambling license, a single license is sufficient for the establishment of an online casino offering a variety of casino games and gaming services. This flexibility is especially advantageous for startups with future expansion plans, such as adding eSports gambling, live casinos, slots apps, or a combination of different gaming options. In addition, Anjouan offers attractive fiscal incentives, such as 0% percent gaming tax on gross gambling revenue. This increases Anjouan’s allure as a jurisdiction for online gambling companies.

    Anjouan is the jurisdiction of choice if you are looking for a licensing option that is quick, simple, cost-effective, compliant, and offers favorable tax benefits for your online gambling business. Contact us today to learn more about Anjouan licensing and to discuss your plans and objectives with a team that has nearly 15 years of experience assisting individuals like you.


    Gambling license in Anjouan advantages:

    1. The license can be implemented for any company located outside of Anjouan
    2. Global Market Access: With a globally-recognized Anjouan egaming license, you can expand your reach and target players from all over the world.
    3. Diverse Gambling Options: Enjoy the freedom to provide a vast array of online gambling options, such as casino games, sports betting, lottery, poker, and more.
    4. Increased Player Confidence: Gain a competitive edge by displaying an Anjouan gaming license, which inspires player confidence due to its reputable regulatory framework.
    5. Utilize the credibility and recognition associated with an Anjouan gambling license to build a strong brand reputation in the online gambling industry.
    6. Enjoy the flexibility and scalability provided by an Anjouan gaming license, which enables you to tailor your online gambling business to your particular needs and growth strategies.
    7. Tax Advantages: Take advantage of Anjouan’s advantageous tax regulations, which offer competitive tax rates in comparison to other jurisdictions, resulting in greater profitability.
    8. Expert Technical Support Obtain expert technical support and direction from the licensing authority to help you navigate compliance requirements and overcome technical obstacles.


    Anjouan Gaming License Restricted Countries:

    Are there any nations where players cannot access Anjouan-licensed online gambling sites?

    The Anjouan gaming license imposes few restrictions on the access of players from certain countries. An Anjouan-licensed operator is prohibited from accepting players from the United States, France, Australia, the Netherlands, and Curacao. However, there is no oversight beyond the standard KYC, AML, and CFT regulations that apply to all registered online casinos worldwide. It is not the responsibility of casinos in Anjouan to monitor players who register from neutral countries or access the website via VPN.

    Anjouan Gaming License Restricted Countries

    The Anjouan Offshore Financial Authority stipulates that certain markets are deemed prohibited under the licensing terms. These territories, considered restricted, must be blocked using GEO IP technology. The list includes but is not limited to, Austria, Belize, Comoros, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Statia, St. Martin, United Kingdom, and the United States. Additionally, all countries blacklisted by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) are included in this prohibition. Other jurisdictions may also fall under these restrictions, as determined by the Anjouan Offshore Financial Authority.



    The Computer Gaming Licensing Act 007 of 2005

    The State of Anjouan Act, also known as the Computer Gaming Licensing Act 007 of 2005, legalizes online gambling and establishes rules for companies that offer this service in Anjouan. The Act addresses a number of issues relating to licensing, computer wagering regulation, license applications, fees, account maintenance, and offenses and penalties.

    The Anjouan Computer Gaming Licensing Board is established under the Act to oversee and regulate individuals who offer computer gambling services. The Board has the authority to issue licenses, make regulations, and settle disagreements between license holders and computer users. Any violation of the rules is punishable by fines or imprisonment.

    Individuals must obtain a license from the Board in order to offer computer gaming services. With certain restrictions, the Board may issue licenses to qualified individuals. The following requirements must not be met by applicants: they must be at least 18 years old, have no recent convictions for dishonesty, be of good moral character, or be regarded as undesirable by the Board.

    To handle computer users’ transactions, license holders must keep accounts with banks. Users of computers must make deposits into their accounts and can only make withdrawals using certain methods. As long as the wagers don’t go over the total of the deposited funds, there are no restrictions on the amount of money that can be deposited or wagered.

    The Act outlines the offenses and punishments for breaking its rules. Without a license, providing or helping to provide a computer wagering service is punishable by fines or imprisonment. Fines or incarceration may also result from other offenses. Directors or officers of a corporate body may also be held accountable for crimes committed.

    The Board has the authority to revoke licenses issued under the Act if the conditions of the license have been violated. The Minister can hear appeals against the revocation. In addition, the Act guarantees the legality of agreements and transactions involving computer wagering services that are licensed under its jurisdiction, resolving any objections based on illegality or public policy.

    Overall, the State of Anjouan Act offers a framework for licensing and regulation of computer gaming with the goal of limiting and facilitating their delivery while upholding the integrity and compliance of the Anjouan gaming industry.

    Steps to Launch a Digital online Casino/Gaming Company in Anjouan

    Pursuant to the International Business Establishments Code 004 of 2005, with well-prepared documentation in place, an International Business Company (IBC) can be established in a day by single or multiple parties. Such an organization can operate on the basis of assurance, capital, or a combination of both. The IBC isn’t required to maintain a base in Anjouan and isn’t regarded as a taxable entity there. There’s also no need for regular reporting. The estimated cost for creating this type of entity hovers around 1000EUR.

    Key Conditions for an IBC  in Anjouan:

    • Registering businesses in Anjouan must name a local liaison or a certified representative. Following approval from the Anjouan Financial Overseas Authority, this representative can commence designated business operations.
    • The entity should not engage in business activities with Anjouan locals or within Anjouan.
    • Possession of movable property in Anjouan is restricted.

    Important Documentation for Business Formation in Anjouan:

    • A roster of board members and main shareholders holding a minimum of 10% voting rights during stakeholder meetings.
    • An authenticated board directive allowing its representatives or employees to act on behalf of the organization.
    • Validated Association Articles coupled with a Partnership Memorandum.
    • An original verified copy of the latest annual summary or examined financial records.
    • A certificate of good standing.
    • A validated statement by the representative ensuring compliance with the International Business Establishments Code 004 of 2005’s formation standards.

    Anjouan gambling Licensing Requirements Include:

    • Regular external evaluations of gaming infrastructure and software history are mandated for all license possessors.
    • Licensees are obligated to implement protective measures for at-risk gamblers, including counseling resources.
    • License possessors have the autonomy to advertise their digital gambling offerings, provided they uphold Anjouan’s image and don’t target vulnerable groups.
    • It’s essential for license holders in Anjouan to collaborate with trustworthy software and hardware vendors who respect established guidelines.
    • Licensees must be informed about legal shifts in their operational countries and avoid areas where gambling is outlawed.
    • Any major ownership changes in the licensee or affiliated organizations holding a 3% or greater stake should be communicated to the overseeing body.
    • Timely fee payments are crucial, with lapses potentially resulting in license revocation.

    At the core of the Anjouan gaming ecosystem is the central entity, the Company. This is the foundational business unit around which all other components revolve.

    1. Anjouan Gaming License: Directly connected to the company is the Anjouan Gaming License. This license is crucial as it provides the necessary legal permissions and credentials for the company to operate within the gaming industry.
    2. Corporate Accounts: These are the financial accounts set up for the company’s regular transactions and operations. They play a pivotal role in managing the financial inflow and outflow and ensuring liquidity.
    3. Merchant Accounts: Specifically tailored for businesses that deal with a high volume of transactions, like online gaming platforms, these accounts help in processing payments from customers seamlessly.
    4. Payments System: This is the integrated system that manages and facilitates all types of payments. It ensures that players can deposit and withdraw funds with ease, providing a smooth user experience.
    5. White Label: The white label component refers to the gaming platform itself. Rather than building a platform from scratch, companies can utilize white label solutions, which are pre-built platforms that can be customized to fit specific branding and feature needs.


    How much is a gambling license in Anjouan?

    The initial cost of obtaining an Anjouan, Comoros gaming license is approximately $25,000. Additionally, a similar amount must be paid to the regulator annually as a maintenance fee.

    What do you need to start a gambling business in Comoros?

    In order to establish a gambling enterprise in Anjouan, Comoros, it is necessary to first register a company and secure a license. A Comoros gaming license enables you to operate a land-based or online casino legally, while also serving as an indicator of the business’s legitimacy and stability. Furthermore, it influences the trust and loyalty of your target audience.

    What’s the duration of the Anjouan gambling license?

    The license is valid for a year and can be renewed annually. Renewal costs might undergo adjustments.

    How challenging is it to secure a gambling license in Anjouan?

    The level of difficulty hinges on the applicant’s proficiency in fulfilling all administrative guidelines and following the set processes. Adherence to the outlined steps ensures a seamless licensing journey.

    What privileges does the Anjouan gambling license offer

    ? This permit empowers entities to conduct diverse gambling activities within Anjouan’s boundaries. It’s comprehensive, covering all digital gambling formats like eSports, online poker, and others. The Anjouan Digital Gambling License is esteemed by European finance bodies, global gambling service providers, and international oversight entities.

    What’s the mandated board or member count for an Anjouan entity?

    The stipulated number of board members or stakeholders is contingent on the company’s category and legal makeup. Abiding by these criteria is paramount.

    Is Anjouan a recommended place to secure a gambling license?

    Yes, Anjouan is renowned for offering gambling licenses. It’s an ideal destination for budget-conscious gambling entrepreneurs or those keen on cautiously exploring a new gambling initiative affordably.


    What’s the eligibility criterion for gambling in Anjouan?

    To qualify for a gambling license in Anjouan, the creation of a local unit and a formal application submission are compulsory. To gain approval, applicants should meet the conditions delineated by the Anjouan authorities.

    How are Anjouan-based gambling businesses taxed?

    Depending on their operational scope and organizational format, these entities might be subjected to varied taxation.

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