Bank account in a Credit Institution for EMI

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We provide invaluable assistance in setting up bank accounts with credit institutions. Additionally, we will assist you to open a correspondent bank accounts to increase the range of banking products and services available to you.

Credit Institution and correspondent solutions for Electronic Money Institutions

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    Bank accounts with a credit institution

    There are many advantages to opening a bank account with a credit institution designed specifically for EMIs, from strong client funds protection and increased compliance to the availability of a wide range of banking services and increased operational effectiveness.

    Safeguarding Customer Funds

    European payments institutions and e-money institutions must abide by specific authorization requirements in order to adequately safeguard customer funds. Due to these regulations, businesses must maintain adequate safeguards for protecting customer funds, whether by separating them from all other funds and keeping them in a secured account with a credit institution recognized by the EEA, investing them in safe, low-risk assets, or covering the funds with an insurance policy or guarantee.

    Protecting client funds is crucial for electronic money institutions

    In order to increase customer confidence in non-bank payment service providers, safeguarding regulations that stem from the EU’s Payment Services Directives and Electronic Money Directives are in effect. The importance of these initiatives has grown along with the expansion of the payment and e-money industries in Ireland and across Europe.

    According to the Central Bank’s clients’ Protection Outlook, there will be a greater emphasis in the coming years on safeguarding requirements compliance. The following actions should be taken by European payment and e-money institutions to protect customer funds:

    Create and put into effect thorough policies and procedures: Establish clear policies and procedures for protecting customer funds, and review and update them on a regular basis to ensure compliance with laws currently in effect and industry best practices.
    Keep up-to-date records: Maintain thorough records of all customer funds, and put in place a reliable system to compare these records to the assets or accounts that are being protected.
    Regularly conduct audits: To assess the efficacy of the safeguarding measures in place and find potential improvement areas, conduct routine internal and external audits.

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    EMIs may open a bank account with a credit institution for the following reasons:

    For a number of reasons, Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) are required to open a bank account at a credit institution to protect the funds of their customers:

    1. Regulation compliance: In accordance with the European Union’s Payment Services Directives and Electronic Money Directives, EMIs are required to safeguard the funds of their customers. Opening a bank account with a financial institution that offers credit guarantees that EMIs abide by these rules and continue to meet all legal requirements.
    2. Separation of client and operational funds: EMIs can separate client funds from their own operational funds by opening a bank account at a credit institution. This ensures that customer funds are protected in the event of financial hardship or insolvency and kept apart from the EMI’s own financial resources.
    3. Trust and confidence from customers: Maintaining customer trust and confidence in the EMI’s services depends on the protection of customer funds. If customers feel their money is being held securely by a reputable financial institution, they are more likely to use the EMI’s services and recommend them.
    4. Risk reduction: By opening a bank account with a credit institution, EMIs can lower the risks involved with holding customer funds. To make sure that credit institutions have sufficient safeguards in place to protect funds and maintain financial stability, they are regulated and observed. This lessens the possibility of suffering losses as a result of fraud, subpar management, or insolvency.


    Payment processing, multi-currency accounts, and international wire transfers are just a few of the banking services that EMIs can access by working with a credit institution. These services can help EMIs increase the range of products they offer and the quality of their customer care.

    Banking by Correspondent for Financial Institutions:

    The relationship between two financial institutions that exchange a variety of services is known as correspondent banking.

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