Anjouan Crypto License – Costs, Requirements, Processes

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    In the fast-changing world of bitcoin, a valid license is a must-have for building trustworthiness and trust. Anjouan, a self-governing island in the Union of Comoros, is becoming a more popular place to get a Crypto license due to its low prices, easy application process, and flexible regulatory environment.

    Cost of Anjouan Crypto License

    Anjouan Corporate Services (ACS) charges a fair fee for the Crypto license. As of the last change in September 2021, the registration fee was around $2,000, and the yearly license fee was around $3,000. But these numbers can change, so it’s best to check the most recent costs. There may be other costs, like professional fees for law and counseling services, which can change based on how complicated the application is.

    Requirements for an Anjouan Crypto License:

    Anjouan gives clear guidelines for getting a Crypto license:

    • Company Registration: The candidate needs to set up a company in Anjouan in order to do cryptocurrency activities.
    • Capital Needed: Usually, an initial investment of at least $50,000 is needed.
      Due Diligence: All of the company’s leaders and owners go through thorough checks.


    Restricted Countries for the Anjouan Crypto License

    Anjouan does not list any countries where using bitcoin is not allowed. But it’s the company’s job to make sure they follow foreign laws, especially those about Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF).

    Steps to Get an Anjouan Crypto License

    Usually, the following steps are needed to get an Anjouan Crypto license:

    1. Company Registration: Create an Anjouan Offshore Company through a local approved company.
    2. Application Preparation: Put together the application package, which includes the operating instructions, due diligence papers, and application forms.
      Review and Approval: The regulator looks at the application, and if all the standards are met, it issues the Crypto license.

    Popularity of the Anjoian Crypto License

    1. Over the years, the Anjouan Crypto license has become more popular among bitcoin traders and companies for several reasons:
    2. Ease of Registration: Anjouan’s registration process for Crypto licenses is simple and quick, making it a good choice for businesses that want to start up quickly.
    3. Low Costs: Getting a Crypto license in Anjouan isn’t too expensive. This includes the application and regular fees, as well as the needed minimum capital.
    4. Tax Benefits: Anjouan is known for its tax-friendly system. It has no income tax, withholding tax, or company tax, which is a big plus for bitcoin companies.

    Anjouan offers a fair governing atmosphere. While making sure that foreign standards are met, especially in areas like AML and CTF, it also gives bitcoin companies a certain amount of freedom.
    Privacy: Anjouan promises a high level of privacy to companies that register in its area, which is something that many businesses like.

    Getting a Crypto license from Anjouan can be a great way for a business to start a legal and controlled coin activity. But it’s important to get expert help to get through the application process quickly and make sure you meet all the rules. As an expert in Crypto license services, I can help companies all the way through the application process for a Crypto license.

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