Anjouan Corporate Structure and EU Payment Agent

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    GBO helps you get a complete Anjouan license for your online casino, covering various e-gaming activities like sports betting, roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat, bingo, and lottery. We’ll assist you in setting up the necessary company structure for license registration and smooth operation. Moreover, we’ll guide you in establishing reliable payment processing merchant accounts with trusted European EMI service providers. This ensures hassle-free deposits and withdrawals for your valued customers.

    Anjouan Gambling license corporate structure
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    Description of the above infographic of the Anjuoan gaming license and its corporate structure:

    Companies from diverse jurisdictions, including the United Kingdom, Anjouan, Curacao, Hong Kong, and others, face significant obstacles when attempting to obtain a gaming license and establish the required financial infrastructure. Due to regulatory scrutiny and their classification as “high-risk” businesses, these obstacles arise. As a result, they face restrictions when accepting payments from certain jurisdictions. There is, however, a viable solution involving the implementation of a gaming license on a company established in the desired jurisdiction, such as the United Kingdom, Curacao, or Hong Kong.

    To establish a profitable gaming enterprise and financial infrastructure, it is essential to consider the following factors:

    1. Form a company in the desired jurisdiction, such as the United Kingdom, Curacao, or Hong Kong, in order to hold the gaming license. You can implement any company to hold the Anjouan gaming license.
    2. Open a gaming company bank account suitable for processing the high-risk payments required by gaming companies.
    3. Partner with a merchant account/payment service provider (PSP) that optimizes payment processing for the gaming industry.
    4. Accounts Associated with Electronic Money Institutions (EMI): Create EMI accounts to facilitate transactions with the PSP and ensure the smooth processing of payments.
    5. Establish a holding company within the banking domain of the desired jurisdiction. This holding company will serve as the legal entity responsible for controlling and managing essential financial accounts, such as bank accounts, EMIs, and merchant/PSP accounts.

    Instructions for Establishing Gaming Payment Infrastructure

    As a result of a lack of familiarity with the gaming industry and its associated regulations, gaming companies frequently encounter difficulties when dealing with banks. Therefore, banks may be hesitant to open accounts for gaming companies. Financial institutions impose stringent requirements prior to allowing the opening of high-risk merchant accounts in order to circumvent this obstacle.

    Due to high-risk factors such as heavy traffic, high transaction volumes, and susceptibility to fraudulent activity and chargebacks, banks frequently reject the merchant account applications of gaming companies. However, there are specialized payment processors who are familiar with the specific requirements of the gaming industry and who offer trustworthy merchant account services. These processors offer real-time identification of fraudulent transactions and facilitate quick card payments in multiple currencies from players around the world.

    Finding a reliable payment processing agent is essential for the smooth and safe processing of payments in the gaming industry. Obtaining dependable service providers for bank accounts and merchant account facilities, which are required for credit card transaction processing, is difficult for many gaming operators.

    The incorporation of a gaming license into an existing company from the desired jurisdiction provides a number of benefits. Using a UK, Curacao, or Hong Kong company, for instance, enables banks and financial institutions in those jurisdictions to recognize the license. This setup enables the establishment of a corporate banking structure in the desired jurisdiction, with a payment processing agent based in the EU or offshore. Although taxation regulations may vary by jurisdiction, it is essential to adhere to global standards such as the Code of Conduct for Business Taxation, CTF, and AML.

    For businesses to thrive in the gaming industry, they need payment solutions that provide streamlined payment processing, secure deposits, and simple withdrawals for account holders. Obtaining a gaming merchant account is required in order to accept card payments, but there are associated fees and difficulties in locating suitable payment processing services. Due to the perceived high risk, not all payment processors accept clients from the gaming industry. Therefore, gaming payment processing services must guarantee real-time identification of fraud, swift card payments, and global support for multiple currencies.

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