GBO’s Success Story – New Gambling Corporate Structure for a Curacao Company and Anjouan Gaming License

Success Story: Establishing a Curacao Company and Anjouan Gaming License.

GBO’s successful completion of this project demonstrates our ability to deliver tailored solutions in the online gaming industry in a timely and efficient manner. Our comprehensive approach, which includes everything from legal compliance to technical setup, demonstrates us role as a one-stop shop for gaming companies looking to make a name for themselves in the digital world.

GBO’s Success Factors

  1. Strategic Partnerships: GBO was able to provide a comprehensive and customized solution by leveraging relationships with EMIs, licensing authorities, and online casino software providers.
  2. Efficient Project Management: The ability to effectively manage multiple aspects of the setup at the same time ensured a quick and smooth launch.
  3. GBO’s emphasis on affordability without sacrificing quality was critical in meeting the client’s budgetary requirements.

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    GBO’s Quick and Low-Cost Solution for Launching a New Online Casino App and Site:

    GBO, a well-known gaming corporate services firm, recently had a remarkable success story with a client who wanted to launch a new online casino app and site. The client’s primary focus was marketing, and he required a low-cost licensing option as well as an online casino software suitable for startups. GBO’s expertise in providing turnkey solutions for online casinos and gaming made this a natural fit, demonstrating their expertise and streamlined approach.

    GBO’s Approach and the Client’s Requirements:

    The client approached GBO with specific needs: they needed cost-effective regulation and licensing, as well as a dependable online casino platform partner to help them launch their online casino business. Recognizing these requirements, GBO used its vast experience and resources to create a comprehensive plan.

    Implementation Strategy:

    1. Company Formation in Curacao: The choice of Curacao was strategic. The region is well-known for its favorable corporate environment and low-cost setup procedures, making it an ideal location for burgeoning online gaming businesses.
    2. Obtaining an Anjouan Gaming License: Obtaining an Anjouan gaming license was a critical step. This license is known for its low cost and simple acquisition process, which perfectly matches the client’s need for a cost-effective solution.
    3. Account Opening with European EMIs: GBO opened two accounts for the client with European Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs). These accounts served as the client’s financial infrastructure, ensuring smooth transactional processes and financial management.
    4. Adding a Merchant Account Gateway: Creating a merchant account gateway was critical for payment processing. This configuration allowed the client to manage transactions securely and efficiently, which is essential for any online gaming platform.
    5. Introducing an online casino software solution: GBO matched the client with an appropriate online casino provider. This collaboration enabled the client to quickly launch their online casino, with a ready-to-use platform that could be customized to their branding and operational requirements.

    Budgeting and timetable:

    The entire process, from company formation to the launch of the online casino, took only a few weeks. GBO’s effective planning and execution kept the budget within the client’s financial parameters. This quick and low-cost implementation demonstrated GBO’s expertise in the gaming industry.

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