For Curacao Gaming License Holders: Will You Opt for the New Curacao License or Shift to Anjouan?

Stay in Curacao or Shift to another jurisdiction?

The article highlights how GBO’s experience can guide online casinos through these changing landscapes, backed by a track record of hundreds of gaming customers, by highlighting the company’s extensive network in gaming-friendly banking and payment processing and by drawing on its over twelve years of experience in Curacao and beyond.


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    Part 1: Comprehending the New Gaming Regulations in Curacao

    What modifications are being made to Curacao’s gaming laws?
    Curacao is updating its gaming legislation to more closely resemble the rigorous and well-organized gaming laws of Malta. This entails tighter player protection protocols, better compliance standards, and increased regulatory oversight.

    How will the present licence holders be affected by these changes?
    Licence holders may need to modify their operational procedures, compliance procedures, and financial reporting standards in order to comply with the more stringent regulatory requirements.

    Part 2: Arguments for Continuing to Use the New Curacao Licence

    What makes the new Curacao gaming regime worth considering?

    Improved Licencing Framework: According to the new rules, the new Curacao licencing process will be more stable and dependable.
    Maintained Good Reputation: The jurisdiction’s credibility is increased by switching to a system akin to Malta’s.
    There is no need to restructure the current entities; they can continue as is.
    Sustaining Banking and Supplier Relationships: Companies are able to keep up their current connections with banks, suppliers, and systems.

    Part 3: Justifications for Examining Other Jurisdictions

    Why would it be better to relocate to Anjouan or another offshore jurisdiction?

    Cost considerations: There may be an increase in the cost of operations and compliance under the new Curacao regime.
    Simplicity for Offshore Needs: If a basic offshore licence is sufficient, there may be more affordable, simpler options available in other jurisdictions.
    Appropriateness for Mid-Sized Groups: Other legal jurisdictions might be more suited to the requirements and assets of mid-sized gaming groups.

    Licence holders in Curacao will soon have to choose between adjusting to the new legal framework and exploring options such as Anjouan. This choice is dependent on a number of variables, such as the gaming entity’s strategic direction, operational ease, and cost. In the ever-changing gaming industry, every company needs to evaluate where it stands and determine which course best fits its long-term goals.

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