Curacao Gaming Control Board in 2024

The New Curacao Gaming Regulators by The Curacao Gaming Control Board in 2024

It’s essential when you are setting up your online casino in the popular jurisdiction of Curacao, to start with the most suitable corporate and finance infrastructure so that you get running as soon as you get the license.

Last Updates 31.12.2023

  1. Curacao Sub-licenses are to be renewed until the beginning of 2024.
  2. We can issue new Curacao licenses under the new regime.

Through GBO’s wide network of gaming-friendly banks and payment processors and our great expertise, we will help you through all the hurdles. We have over twelve years of experience in Curacao and other countries and have hundreds of satisfied customers.

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    The Curacao Gaming Control Board

    Regulation of land-based gaming and internet e-gaming in Curacao falls under the control of the Curacao Gaming Control Board. The Curacao Gaming Control Board is a foundation, incorporated with the specific purpose of becoming the regulator for the entire gaming industry operating in and from Curacao . The creation of the Gaming Control Board in Curacao was the direct outcome of the second Mutual Evaluation Report of the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force in 1998.


    Curacao is a small island in the Caribbean that happens to be one of the best places to incorporate and license an online e-gaming company.  It offers e-gaming licenses to online gambling businesses worldwide and it is considered one of the best jurisdictions for e-gambling licenses. Extremely low corporate taxation, zero GGR gaming tax, and a fully equipped infrastructure of internet service providers, technical support teams and modern offices are ready to accommodate your business quickly and at low cost.

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    Hundreds of Curaçao casino licenses already obtained for our customers

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    Reliable full turnkey solution

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    We allocate a dedicate professional account manager to you

    We assist you with opening bank accounts & payment service providers.

    What is the unique service we offer? 

    GBO gets you the sub-license that permits your Curaçao casino to offer the full range of egaming activities – sports gambling, roulette, table games like poker, blackjack and baccarat, as well as bingo and lottery. With our assistance, you will have in place the company structure that you need to register the license and get going. And the payment processing merchant accounts necessary for your customers’ deposits and withdrawals will be ready in reputable European EMI service providers.

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    The Curacao Gaming Control Board is the regulator for the Curacao land-based casino industry. The Curacao Gaming Licensing Authority is the e-gaming regulator appointed by the Curacao Gaming Control Board and has been given authority by the Curacao  Department of Justice to handle all gaming licenses.

    The stated aim of the Curacao Gaming Control Board is to protect the interest of the public and the integrity and stability of the Curacao gaming industry, by ensuring that all gaming is conducted honestly, responsibly, competitively and free from criminal and corrupt elements.


    How does the Curacao eGaming licensing authority conform with international standards?

    The Curacao Gaming Control Board is a member of the Interactive Gaming Council (IAGR), which is a non-profit trade association representing the online gambling industry worldwide. The stated objective is for e-gaming operators to adhere to guidelines of integrity, fairness and responsible conduct. The IAGR consists of representatives from gaming regulatory organizations throughout the world. Their mission is to advance the effectiveness and efficiency of gaming regulation by providing a forum in which gaming regulators from around the world can meet, exchange views and information, and discuss policy issues among themselves and with representatives of the international gaming industry, and a means of fostering cooperation between gaming regulators in the performance of their official duties. It is a central point of contact for inquiries from governments, gaming regulatory agencies and personnel, and representatives of the international gaming industry.

    Why should you get the license from GBO?

    We have already obtained hundreds of licenses for our customers

    We have twelve years experience in the gaming consultancy business

    We can complete the licensing process in just 2-3 weeks

    With GBO working for you, it’s a low-cost, smooth and straightforward process

    We assist you with opening bank accounts & locating payment service providers.

    Where is the Curacao gaming commission located?

    • Address: Emancipatie Boulevard, Dominico F. “Don” Martina 23, Willemstad, Curacao 
    • Main Phone: +599 9-737-2299
    • Website: www.gamingcontrolCuraçao .org

    Who is responsible for e-gaming regulation in Curacao 

    In Curacao all gaming, both online and on-land is overseen by the Curacao Gaming Control Board. 

    The Curacao gambling commission is a highly respected jurisdiction in the e-gaming industry.

    Does the Curacao Gaming Board enforce anti-money-laundering (AML)  standards?

    Curacao gaming commission is a member of the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF), which is an associate member of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). The 25 member states of the CFATF agreed to implement common countermeasures to address the problem of criminal money laundering. 

    Casinos in Curacao are required to take notice of all notifications and, if applicable, include them in their Customer Due Diligence policies and procedures in order to remain compliant with current anti-money laundering and terrorist financing legislation, provisions and guidelines. 

    Does Curacao gaming regulation meet with KYC, AML and CFT compliance standards?

    Anti-money-laundering (AML), counter terrorist financing (CTF) and  “know your customer” (KYC) compliance are regulations and procedures that financial institutions follow to prevent and detect money laundering or terrorist financing activities.

    The Curacao gaming authority is required to enforce these standards. This has a positive impact on holders of the Curacao e-gaming license, since financial institutions are viewing your operation as being less “high-risk” than if it was located in another non-compliant jurisdiction.

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