Media Affiliate Gaming Betting and Sports Betting License in USA

Media Affiliate Gaming License & Betting and Sports License in USA

The potential for foreign investors to share in the booming legal US online gambling sector has sparked great interest in the acquisition of affiliate gambling licenses, which allow them to promote traffic to associated US-based gaming operations and in return receive a great reward.

In this article, we will provide you with information about licensing requirements and procedures for affiliates within online gaming for all the states that have already opened their gates, as well as a number that will probably be doing this within the next 12-18 months.

GBO has 12 years experience in consulting for customers all over the world seeking to establish a presence in online betting and sports betting in the US.

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    What are the specific state laws and regulations for online gaming and sports betting in USA?

    Every state has complete control over the gaming activities in its jurisdiction. There are no federal laws or statues. There are many differences between the individual states. In the following table, we summaries the current status for the 21 states that have already either opened up to online gambling and sports betting, or are likely to do so in the near future.

    Media media affiliate license in USA

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    What is the main attraction for affiliates?

    Affiliates get a chance to participate in the massive boom in online gaming occurring in the US, as more and more states open up to this field. Right now, there are just the eight states that have already established online gambling operations – Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and West Virginia. Already, another 23 states are on the brink, with legislation either waiting for approval, or investigations underway for drafting the required laws.

    Considering the size of the US in terms of both population and spending power, the potential for affiliates is huge, and the number of foreign participants looking to climb aboard the American market will increase exponentially. 

    This makes it important to get a foot in the door as early as possible.

    How easy is it to become an affiliate from outside the continental US?

    There are many obstacles to overcome, which is why you need to get professional help from experienced advisers like GBO.


    What are the principles of affiliate programs

    Affiliates work to promote activity for US-based associates by posting material on their own website, and through social media, promoting online gambling that will channel potential gamblers through to the service portal of their associate.

    With our help at GBO, you will be able to get an affiliate gaming license in the state that you choose in the shortest possible time and the lowest cost.


    How do media affiliates license holders get rewarded?

    Companies that have negotiated gaming affiliate or media affiliate licenses with US-based casinos generally agree on receiving reward for the traffic in one of two possible ways:

    Cost per acquisition (CPA) pays a fixed fee once a new customer who has been channelled through to the gaming portal signs up and follows through with specified actions. Typically, these actions are making a deposit of a minimum amount, and making a certain number of bets. The purpose of these steps is to prevent customers from making new accounts without taking any actions, which costs the casino both the reward of the CPA, and the batch of free games that are typically offered to new accounts as an incentive to come on board.

    Revenue sharing is calculated on the profit that the gaming site earns from the wagers placed by the channeled customer, and the media license holder earns for as long as the customer remains on the gaming sites books. It is similar to the gross gaming revenue (GGR) taxation system that most jurisdictions use to tax online gaming companies. In this case, the affiliate’s proportion of the GGR is fixed by the agreement between the casino and the affiliate at the time of contract.



    Must an affiliate be located in the US?

    According to federal laws relating to money transfers, it is necessary to establish a presence in the state where the affiliated gaming company resides. This is due to the prohibition on interstate wire transfers in gaming.

    What will the affiliate license cost?

    Generally, there are two cost structures. CPA licenses are both easier and quicker to obtain, and are generally cheaper. It ranges from free in New Jersey through $500 in Tennessee, Virginia, Colorado and Indiana, $1000 in West Virginia and $2500 in Pennsylvania. Full information is provided in our table above.

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