Crypto Friendly Banks in Europe

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    Crypto Friendly Banks in Europe

    Europe is revered as a hub for crypto licensing and regulation, and the attendant blockchain-based technology infrastructures. GBO Corporate Services has been operational in Europe for many years. We know the industry, and the key players. The best crypto-friendly banks in Europe are receptive to introducing cryptocurrency into day-to-day operations.

    Once AML and KYC measures have been accounted for, your crypto company can partner with forward-oriented European banks. Major digital banks certainly exist, but there are notable alternatives such as Wirex.

    Generally, the following crypto-friendly banks in Europe will provide the services needed for crypto exchange companies:

    • Valyuz UAB in Lithuania
    • Mercuryo in Estonia
    • Orounda in the UK
    • Swissquote in Switzerland
    • SEBA in Switzerland
    • Solarisbank in Germany
    • Sparkasse in Germany
    • Agribank in Malta
    • Bank Frick in Liechtenstein
    • Mister Tango in Lithuania

    This is certainly not an exhaustive list, since there are many local banks that we work with.


    Crypto Friendly Banks UK

    As a newly licensed and regulated crypto company operating in the UK, it’s important to partner with a crypto friendly bank in the UK as quickly as possible. Not too long ago, UK-based banks would block funds, or close accounts when they were used to withdraw money from crypto exchanges.

    Crypto friendly banks UK operators allow you to use debit cards/credit cards to buy and sell cryptocurrency online. You can also cash out your funds from crypto-related investments, trades, or activities. With crypto friendly banks UK, you can also initiate wire transfers directly to crypto exchanges.

    Several ranking crypto friendly banks operate in the UK, namely Nationwide, TSB bank, Standard Chartered, Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest, and Barclays. Each of these established banking enterprises has come full circle vis-a-vis the importance of crypto in the world of financial transactions processing, exchange, and technological innovation.

    Alongside High Street banks in the UK are many challenger banks – FinTech banks – that are fast coming into their own. We will put you in touch with the most appropriate UK bank for your crypto company.

    Contact GBO for a consultation on crypto friendly banks in the UK. Our customer support representatives are waiting to take your call.

     Crypto Friendly Banks 2022

    2021 was another booming year for the world’s burgeoning cryptocurrency industry. With thousands of cryptocurrencies now populating the blockchain arena, several leading crypto friendly banks 2021 emerged, notably: 

    • Change
    • Bitwala
    • Revolut  
    • Bankera
    • National Bank of Canada
    • WIREX
    • USAA
    • Barclays
    • Simple Bank
    • Ally
    • Wirexapp
    • Nuri
    • Changeinvest


    Each of these crypto friendly banks has proven itself to be dynamic, future-oriented, and fully functional for crypto exchanges and crypto companies the world over. These banks focus on different aspects of crypto businesses such as crypto exchange, savings and investments, or overall infrastructure services for blockchain-based technology systems. All of them are necessary components in the integrated blockchain ecosystem.

    For more information on how to get started with banking services for your crypto company, contact GBO today.

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