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Of all the Dubai free zones, the International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) is a popular choice for foreign investors looking to set up new businesses. The advantages of free zones over mainland businesses are less stringent regulations and a zero tax policy.

But it is important before you start setting up your own business that you understand all the legal requirements and specifications related to your choice.

To illustrate how the range of options may require expert advice before the first step can be taken, consider that each free zone operates under its own rules and procedures. Generally, a company registered in a free zone cannot do business on the mainland. Therefore, if you wish to operate in local and export trade, another format of trade license is required, such as the Dubai Multi Commodity Center Dual License (DMCC), which allows the business to operate on the continent.


At GBO, we can offer you a complete and easily accessible service under one roof. We act on your behalf as a consultant to establish your business in Dubai. For obtaining licenses and other necessary steps for setting up a business in Dubai, our experienced business start-up consultants in Dubai know everything you need to do when starting a new business in the area. free of Dubai.

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    There are over 50 free zones in Dubai, each with specific requirements, functions and processes. By hiring an experienced start-up consultant in Dubai like GBO, you can facilitate the creation of a business that meets your needs in a short time and at the best price.

    How do you choose the correct free zone for your own new business in Dubai?

    Almost all of the Dubai free zones are focused on a central business activity, such as commodities, IT, and eCommerce. They are geared to promote that specific industry. A few examples are listed in the table below, and for a complete list, visit our separate web page.

    Dubai Flower Center Flowers
    International Free Zone Authority (IFZA)
    Dubai Gold and Diamond Park Extension of Jebel Ali
    Dubai Healthcare City Healthcare
    Dubai International Academic City Academic
    Dubai International Financial Centre Financial Hub
    Dubai Internet City Technology
    Dubai Maritime City Maritime Services
    Dubai Media City Media
    Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Commodity Trade
    Dubai Outsource Zone eCommerce and Support Services

    For instance, the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) caters for companies trading in commodities, including gold and silver. Dubai Outsource encourages investments in the tech industry. Dubai Maritime City was the first free zone promoting eCommerce in the UAE. Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) focuses on banking, insurance and the other components of the financial services industry, such as Fintech. Dubai also has general-purpose free zones, like the International Free Zone Authority (IFZA).

    Free zone licences are available for a wide range of other sectors as well. In total, the laws governing which business activities companies with full Foreign Ownership can engage with list more than 1,000 individual business types. These need to be slotted into the correct free zone to avoid conflicts between the laws. With guidance from expert company formation consultants in Dubai like GBO, it is easy to get the right choices made from the very beginning.

    What kinds of companies can operate in Dubai free zones?

    In the free zones in Dubai, an independent free zone authority implements regulations for the companies and issues the licences. The main choices are:

    • A Free Zone establishment with a single individual shareholder.
    • A Free Zone company with two or more shareholders.
    • A branch of a foreign or UAE-based company that will carry out the same business activities as the parent.

    What are the choices for business licences?

    The business licence is the most crucial choice that must be made before opening a new company in any Dubai free zone. To make the right choice, you should use an experienced Dubai management consultancy. The most common trade licences available in most of the free zones in Dubai are:

    • eCommerce
    • General Trading
    • Commercial
    • Service
    • Industrial

    But because most free zones are set up with specific focuses, they also provide certain exclusive licences based on the specialisations. Consult with our specialists at GBO, providers of the best business consultancy services in Dubai. We can supply you with a list of all licences issued by each free zone authority


    Dubai business consultant market

    The market for business consultants in Dubai is growing as more and more companies seek guidance and support to succeed in the local business environment. Dubai is a hub for international business and is home to a diverse range of industries, including finance, tourism, real estate, and logistics. This creates a strong demand for business consultants who can help companies navigate the local market and achieve success.

    There are many business consultants in Dubai, ranging from small, boutique firms to large, multinational consulting firms. Many business consultants in Dubai specialize in specific industries or areas of expertise, such as strategy, marketing, or operations. Some business consultants in Dubai also offer a range of additional services, such as accounting, tax advice, and legal support.

    Overall, the market for business consultants in Dubai is competitive, but there is strong demand for their services as companies seek guidance and support to succeed in the local business environment.

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    What is the best location for a business setup in Dubai?

    It is essential to match the free zone’s business focus with your own company’s business model. Each free zone is located in one of the tower clusters that have been allocated for free trade.

    How much could it cost to set up a company in Dubai?

    Each individual free zone has set its own costs for registration and licensing, but it’s not advisable to simply opt for the cheapest zone if the trade model does not match your business requirements. The cost of setting up a new free zone company in Dubai depends on the choices you make. For example, overall the cheapest free zone licence is issued by Dubai Silicon Oasis (part of IFZA), but if your business model is not focussed on IT, then this could end up being the wrong choice for your company.

    Can a foreigner set up a company in Dubai?

    Dubai promotes investment by overseas business owners, with promotional solid features, strong tax advantages and many options for free-trade.  The population of Dubai consists mainly of expatriate foreigners, and many of them already have set up their own business. Let GBO, the best business setup consultants in Dubai, lead you through the required steps to set up a new company in the right Dubai Free Zone.

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