Kahnawake gaming license – costs, requirements and packages in 2023

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When it comes to establishing your own online casino in the popular jurisdiction of Kahnawake, you can rely on GBO’s vast experience and expertise to guide you through the licensing and corporate setup processes. We have over a decade of experience in Kahnawake and hundreds of happy customers. You will be ready to launch in just a few weeks and at a low cost!

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    With GBO’s assistance, you can obtain a Kahnawake license that allows your online casino to offer a variety of egaming activities, including sports gambling, roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat, bingo, and lottery. We can help you establish the company structure necessary to register the license and get started, as well as set up payment processing merchant accounts with reputable European EMI service providers for your customers’ deposits and withdrawals.

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    GBO has developed a comprehensive Turnkey Package for obtaining a Kahnawake Online Gaming License.

    The package includes all the necessary services for a business to go live in Kahnawake, such as administration, licensing, regulatory compliance, and fiscal considerations.


    Kahnawake Gaming License costs and fees

    The package cost is highly competitive compared to other online gambling licensing jurisdictions, and the Kahnawake annual renewal fees are significantly lower than in other jurisdictions. We also offer expansion services, such as acquiring new licenses and negotiating agreements with payment and service providers.

    Kahnawake gaming license costs

      Service Costs
    1  Total Annual License fees including initial application, setup fees  
    2 Time for issuance 10-12 week  
    3 Collecting, collating, reviewing, and preparing application requirements  
    4 Annual compliance, due diligence, and KYC Fees  
      Total Initial first year costs $55,000

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    The Kahnawake Gaming Commission

    The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is an early adopter of the interactive gaming industry and has been effectively regulating the industry since 1999.

    The Kahnawake Gaming License requirements:

    To obtain a Kahnawake gaming license, online gaming operators must submit a completed application form with all required supporting documents.

    • A detailed business plan, proof of financial stability, a comprehensive due diligence and background check of all directors, officers, shareholders, and key employees.
    • A detailed security plan for the online gaming platform, and payment of the appropriate fees.

    The Commission also requires licensees to comply with ongoing reporting, compliance, and monitoring obligations to maintain their licenses.

    The Commission’s primary objective is to safeguard players who participate in online gaming activities offered by the permit holders of the Commission. To do this, the Commission ensures that interactive gaming is conducted responsibly, fairly, and honestly, and that players are treated fairly by the gaming operators.

    Additionally, the Commission’s Regulations concerning Interactive Gaming offer various measures to protect minors and vulnerable individuals associated with gaming.

    The Kahnawake Gaming Commission offers four types of licenses for interactive gaming in Kahnawake:

    1. Interactive Gaming Licence (“IGL”)
    2. Client Provider Authorization (“CPA”)
    3. Key Person Licence (“KPL”)
    4. Casino Software Provider Authorization (CSPA), and Slot Machine License (SLC).

    The process for obtaining a license is overseen by the KGC, and all authorized organizations are elected for a two-year term. This approach minimizes the possibility of any improper conduct or favoritism on the part of the commission.

    The Gaming Commission of Kahnawake (KGC) is responsible for issuing licenses for slot machines in Kahnawake. This is necessary to provide evidence of the fairness of games, limit access to minors and people vulnerable to addiction, and ensure compliance with privacy policies and the security of transactions. Additionally, having a license can increase the level of loyalty of solvent and financially reliable players.

    The KGC also issues four types of certificates: an Interactive Gaming license for non-residents, a Client Provider Authorization (CPA), Secondary Client Provider Authorization, a Key Person License (KPL), and/or Poker Room License (PRL). For lotteries, the RNG allows the winner to be chosen from among those who have bought tickets in a random way, but can be re-encoded or debugged to give the players less chance of winning. Therefore, a casino planning long-term activity without violating laws is obliged to purchase an RNG certificate and afterward, permission for the lottery itself.

    The cost of obtaining a license for opening a casino in Kahnawake depends on the availability of a legal entity in this territory, as well as opening accounts in offshore banks.

    The Kahnawake Gaming Commission offers numerous benefits to both startups and established online gambling companies, such as a relatively quick and straightforward application process, player acceptance and protection, affordability for small businesses, and zero gaming tax.

    The time to obtain the Kahnawake Gaming License

    The application process typically takes 2 to 3 weeks, and approval can take another 8 to 10 weeks if everything is in order. The Commission takes user complaints seriously and is committed to supervising and monitoring their licensees, resulting in high player protection. The low application fees also make it a cost-efficient option for startups and small businesses.

    Acquiring a gambling license is a crucial step for those looking to legally establish their online gaming business. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is a legal regulatory body authorized by the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake to license and regulate online gambling operators located within its jurisdiction. It has been in operation since 1996 and has established a strong reputation for ensuring the fairness and integrity of the online gambling industry. Kahnawake offers comparatively low license fees and no taxes, and its reputation is widely accepted by players and payment service providers.

    The cost of a Kahnawake gaming license can vary depending on the type of license and the specific needs of the applicant. GBO, a company that helps clients obtain gaming licenses, advertises prices for their turnkey packages starting at $55,000, which includes the cost of the license.

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      Question: Is the Kahnawake Gaming Commission legal?

      Answer: Yes, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission is a legitimate regulatory body that has been authorized by the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake to regulate and license online gambling operators within its jurisdiction. Since its establishment in 1996, the Commission has built a strong reputation for ensuring the fairness and integrity of the online gambling industry. Its regulatory framework is recognized by numerous reputable online gambling companies worldwide.


      Question: What is the jurisdiction of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission?

      Answer: The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is based in the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake, which is a First Nations reserve located in Quebec, Canada.


      Question: How much does a Kahnawake gaming license cost?

      Answer: The price of a Kahnawake gaming license can vary depending on the type of license and the applicant’s specific needs. For instance, We assist clients in obtaining gaming licenses, advertise turnkey package prices starting at $55000, which includes the license fee. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that additional fees and expenses may apply based on the application’s specific requirements and ongoing license maintenance.



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