Comparison of Curacao and Anjouan Gaming Licenses in 2024

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    Curacao Gaming License VS Anjouan Gaming License

    When it comes to obtaining a gaming license, the Curacao Gaming License and the Anjouan Gaming License are two common options that come to mind. Both jurisdictions possess distinctive characteristics and regulatory structures. In this comparison, we will examine the differences between these two licenses in terms of cost, duration, requirements, popularity, number of companies, and method of acquisition.


    The Curacao Gaming License is generally regarded as more expensive than the Anjouan Gaming License. Curacao has increased application fees, annual fees, and compliance costs. Anjouan, on the other hand, provides a more affordable licensing solution, making it an attractive choice for startups and entrepreneurs with limited funds.


    The time frame

    The time required to obtain a Curacao Gaming License is typically longer than that required to obtain an Anjouan Gaming License. Due to the extensive review and approval procedures, the process of obtaining a Curacao license can take a month. In contrast, the processing time for the Anjouan Gaming License is typically only a couple of weeks.


    Documentation and criteria

    In terms of documentation and criteria, the prerequisites for the two licenses are distinct. Curacao has stricter requirements, including the submission of detailed business plans and financial statements as well as the establishment of a local presence. In contrast, Anjouan has relatively less stringent requirements, such as a police conduct report, passport copies, and utility bills.



    Curacao has long been a popular option for online gaming operators, with a large number of businesses holding its license. In the online gambling industry, it has established itself as a reputable jurisdiction. Anjouan, in contrast, may not be as well-known as Curacao, but it is gaining traction as a jurisdiction of choice for startups and entrepreneurs seeking a cost-effective licensing solution.


    Steps to obtain the license

    Obtaining a Curacao Gaming License entails multiple stages, including the submission of documents, due diligence checks, and adherence to local regulations. In contrast, Anjouan offers a more streamlined procedure, making it simpler for operators to obtain a gaming license. Generally, the application process in Anjouan involves providing the required documentation and passing the fitness and suitability examination.


    In conclusion, the Curacao Gaming License and the Anjouan Gaming License each have their own benefits and factors to consider. Curacao is known for its established reputation and popularity in the industry, whereas Anjouan offers a more cost-effective and streamlined solution for entrepreneurs and startups. The choice between these licenses ultimately depends on the gaming operator’s specific needs and objectives, as well as their budget and timeline.

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