Cryptocurrency License Costs and Fees

Obtaining Your Cryptocurrency Licence

GBO is an internationally respected company engaged in obtaining cryptocurrency licences for businesses around the world. Our teams of legal eagles are adept at providing the necessary guidance, legal counsel, and paperwork for obtaining a crypto licence for your company. 

We will walk you through the process from A – Z, delivering expert counsel on all legal matters including the cost of a cryptocurrency licence in your country/territory/jurisdiction. 

We have extensive experience in negotiating this highly complex legal arena to ensure a successful outcome for you. With GBO at your side, you can confidently set up the necessary framework for your crypto licence. 

Our legal experts have extensive experience helping business clients from around the world. The process can be completed within a matter of weeks, at minimal cost for your company. We are standing by to field your calls, so that your operations can get off to a flying start.

Kindly contact GBO to schedule a consultation so that we may help you acquire a crypto license.

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    Cryptocurrency Mining License Costs


    GBO is an established authority in the cryptocurrency mining license arena. Our company has been operating since 2009, and our professional consultants have many years of collective experience between them. 

    We offer seamless application services for the acquisition of cryptocurrency mining licences at an affordable cost. You can confidently apply for a crypto mining licence for your remote cryptocurrency exchange through GBO. 

    There are many potential hurdles to navigate when applying for a cryptocurrency exchange license. At GBO, our experts will provide you with all the necessary counsel. Licences are required for the provision of professional operations, and for credibility among stakeholders. Licensing and compliance go hand-in-hand, since licensing bodies are the watchdog authorities that ensure transparency, credibility, and fairness for clientele. Cryptocurrency mining license costs vary according to your company’s requirements.

    GBO experts will assist your company with all the requirements for setting up your crypto business.


    Contact GBO for a personal consultation regarding your company’s cryptocurrency mining licence requirements. We offer tailor-made solutions for all our business clients.


    Important Information about Your Cryptocurrency Broker Licence


    GBO is a professional outfit with an extensive range of legal services for clients seeking cryptocurrency broker licences. We understand how important it is to operate within a regulatory framework, and we offer our clients full access to all the available options. 

    How can I become a crypto broker? By retaining the services of GBO’s legal teams, you will be apprised of all the necessary requirements for your cryptocurrency broker licence, including rules and regulations, reporting, transparency, and the frameworks within which your company can operate.

    You can open your own cryptocurrency trading platform as a fully regulated brokerage once you have obtained your crypto trading licence, with GBOs assistance. The market is rapidly moving towards regulation, with oversight from national and international financial authorities. We can help you to acquire your crypto trading licence quickly, through use of our professional legal services. We are adept at registering corporations in the European Union, United Kingdom, Australasia, and beyond. To date, we have helped scores of companies acquire their cryptocurrency broker licences, and we look forward to helping you do the same.

    Contact a GBO professional to begin your crypto trading licence application today.

    One of the best jurisdictions:

    Crypto Exchange Licence Costs 


    Cryptocurrency exchange licences offered through Estonia are now possible, courtesy of the MLTFPA (Money-Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act), under the auspices of the FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit). These highly desirable European crypto exchange licences are fully endorsed by European governments, making them sought-after for crypto exchanges. 

    Estonia – offered two unique types of crypto licences, notably the crypto wallet for providers of digital currency services to clients, and a crypto exchange licence for providers wishing to exchange fiduciary currency (fiat currency) for digital currency. They have since merged the licences.

    GBO understands the intricacies of crypto exchange licence costs, vis-a-vis the corporate tax exemptions for reinvested profits, the low tax rate on dividends to legal entities, connecting your crypto exchange company with a European Union bank account, and the freedoms such as residency and citizenship for a crypto exchange licence. 

    taxation – Among others, there is 0% taxation on capital gains with an Estonia crypto exchange licence. Businesses must comply with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations and KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements. Crypto exchange licence costs include a registration application and related fees, registration for employees and VAT, and company registration. 

    We will gladly discuss all aspects of the crypto exchange license costs with you when you contact our office. Reach out to our professional support reps at GBO today

    Do You Need a Bitcoin Exchange License?


    GBO can advise you on all aspects of cryptocurrency licensing and regulation, including Bitcoin exchange licences. We will share our in-depth knowledge of the legal framework for Bitcoin exchange licences with you to determine whether your company needs a Bitcoin exchange licence or not. 

    Before issuing a Bitcoin exchange licence, the FIU may contact clients directly to satisfy KYC and AML requirements. We will walk you through the process, explaining how a Bitcoin exchange licence application works, and how you can safely navigate this complex legal arena in Estonia. Our team of legal experts is standing by to answer your questions relating to a Bitcoin exchange licence. 

    Kindly contact us today for more information.

    Is a Digital Currency License the Same as a Crypto License?


    Digital currency licences and cryptocurrency licenses are terms that are used interchangeably in legal literature. A digital currency license confers the same benefits as a cryptocurrency license offered through a regulatory authority. The Estonia-based crypto license which we can help you to obtain, is offered in conjunction to our crypto company formation framework, with all the bases covered. We can get you set up from inception to full licensing and regulation with a crypto business in Estonia operating with a valid Estonian digital currency licence. All of these services are provided by our in-house experts, and legal consultants at GBO. 

    For more information regarding crypto company formation, or the applications for a digital currency licence, kindly give us a call and we will walk you through the process. Our legal experts are standing by to assist you with all your questions, queries, or comments at your convenience. we also offer Crypto online casino license.

    Get in touch with a GBO professional today.

    Contact a GBO professional to begin your crypto trading licence application today.

    Crypto Company Incorporation

    GBO is expertly qualified to help you establish a crypto business in Estonia, and obtain the necessary Estonia crypto licensing. Regarding a cryptocurrency licence in Estonia, a local company, or foreign-branch of the company is required. It is possible to include corporate shareholders as part of your crypto company’s incorporation, but extensive background reports of each shareholder are required by law. 


    With GBO, it is possible to set up a crypto company and the attendant financial licence online through our services. When setting up your crypto company, we will also help you to register your corporation. As one of the most attractive destinations for acquiring crypto company licences, you also get the benefit of full EU membership from a cost-effective solution in Estonia. Crypto company incorporation is possible through electronic residency or public notary registration in Estonia, through GBO.

    All cryptocurrency licences, including crypto wallets and crypto exchange licences, must be completed through a fully-registered Estonia-based company. Alternatively, the registration can take place through branch office based in Estonia of a foreign corporation. It typically takes up to 1 week for the registration of Estonian companies, with linked banking-related information possible after receipt of the licence registration document. Blockchain company formation requires an actual physical office in Estonia, not merely a registered address.


    For more information on crypto company incorporation, contact GBO for a consultation.


    Crypto Regulations 2021

    • An EEA or Estonia-based bank account is required
    • Minimum required charter capital of €12,000 is needed
    • Company founders and shareholders cannot have a criminal record
    • Crypto companies must be fully compliant with AML and KYC regulations
    • Estonia-based regulation is applicable across the EU to all European Union states
    • The FIU has the right to contact individuals for a face-to-face meeting before issuing a crypto licence
    • New crypto regulations require a single licence, in lieu of the virtual currency exchange and the electronic wallet licence
    • Licence holders are legally permitted to offer the following services: crypto payments, crypto exchanges, e-wallets, alternative payment systems, and more
    • Crypto companies must have a registered legal address in Estonia, with physical premises in Estonia


    Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Regulation 2021 and 2022


    The legal landscape is rapidly changing in regards to blockchain and cryptocurrency regulation 2021 and 2022. As governments and oversight authorities around the world continue to grapple with this dynamic arena, more consumer safety measures are being implemented to guard against fraud, manipulation, and malfeasance in the industry. GBO experts are at the forefront of blockchain and cryptocurrency regulation, and we are ready to help you safely navigate the legal landscape to ensure that your crypto company incorporation and cryptocurrency licensing and regulation is smooth and seamless.


    Contact GBO to expedite your and crypto company incorporation and crypto licensing today. 

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