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Cheapest online gambling license with GBO experts

There are many processes involved in acquiring a license to conduct online gambling. Each one of these will contribute to the total cost. Below we will explain in more detail how we have been able to help many customers to set up their offshore gambling sites with the cheapest online gambling license cost.

GBO has more than twelve years experience acting on behalf of investors wanting to establish an e-gambling operation in licensed countries. Let our team of experts guide you through the steps required to acquire a license and set up the best corporate, banking and payment processing structures to get you operating quickly, safely and legally.

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    There are several main contributors to the cost of any e-gaming license:

    1. Company registration
    2. Cost of the license
    3. Registration process

    It is important to understand that there are also other factors that affect the overall profitability of any online gambling business besides a cheap gaming license cost. Just because a particular country has a low sports gambling license cost does not mean that it is automatically the most favorable jurisdiction in which to build your business.

    That’s why you should be talking to our expert team who have over a decade of experience in this field, tailoring the best possible solution that matches your own specific requirements.

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    Company registration

    The rules and regulations for registering gambling operations differ from country to country. There are no international laws and each country is responsible for the procedures in its own jurisdiction.

    In general, however, the one thing that is shared across most countries is that any online gambling operation must be owned by a company that is registered inside the country where it operates. For this reason, once you have all the background work completed, a smart idea is to engage an experienced consultant like GBO, to help you in the process.

    One of the most important points to determine with any new business is the jurisdiction where your new business will be registered and established. 

    Be aware that some countries regulate online gambling in-country, and some have banned it within their jurisdictions. Others lack regulations completely, so you need to make sure that your jurisdiction of choice allows you to carry out the activities you want.

    Cost of the license

    Each country sets it’s own pricing structure. In the table below, we show the costs for the most popular gaming jurisdictions that we have been dealing with.

    Country License cost Revenue tax rate Corporate structure
    Curacao €21.5k  2% corporate Curacao company formation

    offshore companies can register as Ezone

    Malta €25k  5% on GGR capped at €600k

    corporate tax 35%

    EU registered company min paidup cap €100K
    UK £9000 GGR 21%

    Corporate tax 19%

    local company / directors
    Alderney / Guernsey £17.5k year 1,  min £35k on GGR to max £400k local company / directors
    Greece €120,000 per year Tax on players winnings 15% – 20%

    Corporate tax 24%

    EU company with local  domain
    Romania €50K 1.2% on turnover, capped at €120k

    Corporate tax 16%

    local office + director
    Gibraltar £30K per gaming type 0.15% GGR Local company
    Estonia €48K  initial +20 years €38K 5% GG$ EU company
    Montenegro €25K year 1 / 15K annual 9% GGR local company
    Cyprus €30K  10% EU company
    Isle of Man £35K annual 1.5% up to £20m

    0.5% next £20m

    0.1% over £40m

    Local company + 2 local directors
    Panama $40k then $20K


    5.5% on player winnings local company / directors

    Application process

    There can be several levels of costs, such as:

    • Non-refundable application fee
    • Document vetting fees
    • Due diligence process
    • KYC auditing


    Sports betting

    Sports betting is a special case, because it has been legal in the USA since 2018. There are no specific sports betting licenses applicable in the whole country, but several states have now established regulations to permit operation of sports betting websites.

    The general structure of gambling regulations in the USA is set out below:

    Type Control Legal since
    Horse racing Generally permitted by Federal law, subject to individual state legislation  
    Sports betting Requires specific state legislation – currently approved or in process in 31 states 2018, after Supreme Court struck down PASPA
    Fantasy sports unregulated  


    Each state has its own set of regulations and governing bodies. The sorts of online gaming that are allowed in each state can differ substantially. On the one hand, New Jersey has probably the best and most accessible market, with casino, poker and online sports betting. At the other end of the spectrum, Colorado and Indiana only allow online or mobile sports betting.

    Getting the cheapest sports betting license cost involves becoming an affiliate to one of the registered gambling sites. Affiliates get a chance to participate in the massive boom in online gaming occurring in the U.S. as more and more states open up to this field. Right now, there are just the eight states that have already established online gambling operations – Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and West Virginia. Already, another 23 states  are on the brink, with legislation either waiting for approval or investigations underway for drafting the required laws.

    Becoming an affiliate will guarantee you the best possible sports betting license cost


    Which country has the cheapest gambling license?

    The island of Curacao offers the lowest overall cost for a gambling license. It also has the simplest process for registering the license inside the Curacao Gaming Control Board, which controls all gambling in the jurisdiction. Curacao offers other special benefits, because it is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and so has some special status inside the EU.

    How much does an online gaming license cost?

    The license cost varies between different countries. It ranges from around $15000 as a one-time cost in Curacao up to more than $100,000 per year in Greece or Gibraltar. Most countries also have special gaming taxes calculated either on total turnover, or on grass gaming revenue, which is the profit margin of the casino.

    How much money do you need to start a gambling site?

    There are at least six different activities that need to be budgeted, like registration of a company, acquiring a license, setting up the computer systems to run the online website, and promotion and marketing. It is unlikely that any proper online gaming operation can be set up for much less than a quarter of a million dollars.

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