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GBO offers boutique corporate services to clients wanting to get information on Slovakia crypto licence price and availability options. Our company provides expert services to businesses seeking to get up and running with a cryptocurrency exchange licence in Slovakia. GBO is a household name in the crypto licensing arena, and we look forward to working with you to acquire your Slovakia crypto licence for your company and assist you to find the best bank account for Crypto Company


Cryptocurrency Exchange License in Slovakia Costs

Established in 2009, GBO brings extensive experience to the fore, for business customers all over the world. We can walk you through the costs of applying for a Slovakia crypto licence, and the attendant benefits available to your company. Our cost-effective solutions boast a high success rate for companies wanting to get started, with full information on the upfront and hidden costs of a Slovakia crypto license price.

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    Slovakia Crypto License Requirements

     Slovakia is one of many European nations which recognises the need to regulate cryptocurrency activity, allowing for disclosure, oversight, and enhanced security protocols. The Slovakia crypto licence requirements are derived from the European Union Parliament, in accordance with Slovakian rules and regulations. According to licensing requirements, crypto exchanges and exchange-related services are subject to identification and validation.

    Regulatory agencies, including law enforcement and the tax authorities are legally permitted to access info related to cryptocurrency activity. Further, anti-money-laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) legislation is in effect vis-a-vis Slovakia crypto licence requirements. GBO corporate services can walk you through the legalese, including all aspects of Slovakia crypto licence requirements. Our experts will provide you with one-on-one assistance to ensure compliance with Slovakia crypto licence requirements. We can help you with the required documentation, specifications of technical equipment, safety and security, and compliance -related matters.


    Contact GBO customer support today to get started with your Slovakia crypto licence application.


    Slovakia Crypto License Register

    Schedule a meeting with GBO corporate services to commence your Slovakia crypto license register forms. Our expert consultants have extensive experience helping business owners like yourself to get up and running with the Slovakia crypto license register.

    Every licensed cryptocurrency operator in Slovakia is offered all the required organizational assistance, and legal assistance to get started. Given the complexity of business regulations in Slovakia, it is prudent to use professional services like GBO to navigate through the process.

     We will ensure that all aspects of your business activity are optimised for the correct Slovakia crypto license register, including taxation-related matters, the company structure best suited to your business model, and the right forms to complete to ensure a seamless registration with the Slovakia authorities.


    GBO offers comprehensive support to clients from A – Z, with superior after-care assistance to ensure the smooth running of your newfound business. To obtain your official Slovakia crypto licence, a Slovak company must be registered with a land-based office, including personnel in the country. We can walk you through all aspects of the official licensing requirements to ensure approval.


    Successful inclusion on the Slovakia crypto license register requires compliance with strict regulations. Contact GBO for a professional consultation today.

    Slovakia Cryptocurrency Regulation

     The cryptocurrency laws in Slovakia are predicated upon a set of regulations enacted in March 2018 by the Ministry of Finance of Slovakia. According to these laws, all revenues derived from crypto-based transactions are fully taxable, and all types of crypto exchanges, including virtual currency for assets, or services rendered et al are regarded as taxable transfers. These short-term financial assets are priced at market value, at the time the transactions concluded.

    Get in touch with a GBO professional today.

    Contact a GBO professional to begin your Slovakia crypto licence application today.

    Cryptocurrencies only acquire value once they are traded or sold, not if they are held in an account, or simply mined. At GBO corporate services, we can walk you through the ins and outs of Slovakia cryptocurrency regulation, to ensure that you understand the intricacies of this complex arena.

    Slovakia cryptocurrency regulation includes cryptocurrency taxes for individuals and corporations, and cryptocurrency regulations for businesses operating in Slovakia. Over the years, government statements on crypto-based transactions have been issued, including clarification of digital currencies and the attendant taxation on them.


    To ensure compliance with Slovakia cryptocurrency regulation, contact GBO corporate services to schedule a meeting at your convenience.


    Slovakia Cryptocurrency Tax

    It is necessary to understand all the requirements related to Slovakia cryptocurrency tax for successful applications of Slovakia crypto licences. As it stands, private individuals generating profits from cryptocurrency-based operations are required to disclose their profits as taxable income. All incomes derived from the sale of crypto, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and all any other digital currency must be listed as ‘other income’ in a tax declaration.

    If profits and losses result, the losses can be used to offset the gains, but this must be annotated accordingly. There are specific rules and regulations governing how taxes on cryptocurrency can be lowered. GBO corporate services can provide you with valuable information in this regard. The tax rates applying to personal taxes on cryptocurrency in Slovakia range between 19% – 25%. These are applied to specific income threshold in the country, such as €35,022.31 for the lower tax rate, and a higher tax rate for income levels greater than that amount.

    As a business operating with a Slovakia cryptocurrency licence, all crypto profits are deemed short-term financial assets, and not cash. At the moment of the transaction, prices of crypto-assets are noted. There are different tax implications for businesses working with crypto currency, and we can advise you as to the best route regarding your sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation.


    Contact GBO corporate services today for detailed insights into Slovakia cryptocurrency tax regulations.

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