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    Malta or Curacao?

    The selection of the appropriate gambling license is an essential step in the process of launching an online gaming company. In a recent post on their blog, GBO, an online gaming and sports betting license supplier, examining the advantages and disadvantages of obtaining a license from either Malta or Curacao. There are plenty of barriers that stand in the way of small gaming enterprises gaining and retaining a gaming license.

    The regulatory framework for the gaming industry is comprised of countries and states that regulate online gambling within their jurisdictions, countries and states that regulate and provide exclusivity to public and private monopolies, countries and states that ban betting activities within their jurisdictions, and countries and states that do not have regulations on gambling activities. This essay examines two different jurisdictions, Malta and Curacao, and discusses the positives and negatives associated with each license.

    iGaming in Malta is governed by a robust regulatory system that operates inside a secure regulatory environment. A specialized department of the government is in charge of overseeing it to make sure that gambling laws are followed in an effective and reasonable manner. The Maltese license is reliable and well-known since it is recognized by the European Union (EU), it satisfies all of the requirements for a prestigious online gambling license, and it provides protection for both the players and the operators. On the other hand, both the taxation and license costs are more expensive here than they are in Curacao, and the application process is lengthier and more difficult. Also, a substantial amount of a casino’s or sportsbook’s activities have to be based out of the island nation of Malta.

    Curacao was the first nation in the world to legalize gambling, and the nation’s political system is stable, and the country’s tax service is reasonable. Its master licenses come with a license and hosting services for beginners already included in the package. The operators of games of skill and chance, as well as sports betting, can only receive one sort of permission when they hold a gaming license from the Caribbean nation of Curacao. Because there are multiple master Curacao gaming license holders in this jurisdiction, it is the most preferred choice for operating online gambling operations. This is because the master license holders offer a complete package of sub-licenses, together with hosting and IT infrastructure. On the other hand, the license does not provide the same level of protection and reliability as the license issued in Malta.

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    There are positives and negatives associated with holding a gaming license in Malta. The positive aspect of the situation is that the license provides a reliable regulatory structure with gambling restrictions that are both effective and applicable. Due to the fact that the EU has sanctioned the license, it is trustworthy and well-respected as well as providing protection for both players and operators. In addition, operators have the ability to submit applications for multiple licenses valid for ten-year periods. The Curacao gaming license, on the other hand, is favored by certain operators due to the cheaper expenses and the straightforward application process. This makes it an excellent option for new businesses with limited resources. In addition, the license allows for all-inclusive licensing, and a label of licensing can be obtained from a Master license holder in order to confirm that a website is in compliance with licensing requirements.


    How much does a Maltese gambling license cost?

    The cost of a Malta gaming license varies by category. Type 1 licenses will cost €2,330, Type 2 licenses will cost €1,165, and Type 3 licenses will cost €4,660 as of September 2021. In addition to the licensing application fee, annual fees are required. These fees are determined by the operator’s annual income and license category. Check with the MGA for up-to-date pricing information.

    How can one acquire a gambling license in Malta?
    Maltese gambling licenses involve multiple steps and requirements. Overview:

    Select your license: Type 1 (casino games, lotteries, and slot machines), Type 2 (sports betting), Type 3 (poker and other peer-to-peer games), and Type 4 (lotteries) are all licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) (fantasy sports and skill games). Choose a valid business license.

    • A gambling license requires incorporation through Malta’s Company Registry.
    • Get a tax ID.
    • Develop an enterprise plan: Your business plan must describe the organization’s structure, activities, marketing strategy, and financial projections.
    • Choose a Senior Executive: Your organization must have a Key Official to guarantee MGA compliance. Key Authorities may be Maltese residents and non-criminals.
    • Your organization must have internal controls in order to act honestly and openly. Money laundering, fraud, and underage gaming are prevented.
    • Your business must be financially stable and have sufficient funds to operate. Give bank references and audited financial statements.
    • After meeting the aforementioned prerequisites, you can submit an MGA license application.

    In which nations can a gaming license from Malta be utilized?
    Several nations accept gambling licenses from Malta. Malta gaming licenses are valid for:

    The gaming license issued by Malta is valid across the EU.

    • The UK Gambling Commission recognizes the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), hence permitting MGA-licensed businesses to operate in the UK.
    • Quebec, BC, and Manitoba recognize the MGA license.
    • MGA licenses are accepted by the New Zealand Gambling Commission.
    • The gambling licenses of Malta are recognized by Argentina, Peru, and Mexico.

    Prior to submitting an application for a Malta gaming license, it is vital to verify each country’s laws and regulations.


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