Curacao Gaming License Countries – Restrictions & Costs in 2022

Where can you operate with a Curacao Gaming License at 2022?

Obtain the Curacao gaming license through GBO’s gaming experts and enjoy our worldwide network of gaming-friendly banks and payment processors. Meet our great expertise in dealing with the Gaming Control Board, we will help you through all the hurdles.

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Curacao offers e-gaming licenses to companies based within its own jurisdiction and the small island is considered one of the best jurisdictions for e-gaming licenses. 

One of the advantages of Curacao e-gaming licenses stems from the fact that the island was once part of the Dutch Antilles and they maintain unique status as an autonomous Dutch territory – you get the benefits of the EU without the high taxes of Europe. 

Regulation of land-based gaming and e-gaming falls under the Curacao Gaming Control Board that is responsible for issuing e-gaming licenses.

We have over twelve years of experience in Curacao and other countries, and have hundreds of satisfied customers. In just a few weeks, and at minimal cost, you will be ready to launch!

We can help you obtain your Curacao Gaming License

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    Which countries can Curacao license work with?

    Basically a gaming license only gives you permission to operate in the country where the license was issued. This is logical as one country can’t dictate to another country which licenses to accept. The Curaçao license is one such licensing jurisdiction.

    Why should you get the Curacao license from GBO?

    Hundreds of Curaçao casino licenses already obtained for our customers

    GBO has 12 years in the gaming consultancy business

    Just 2-3 weeks for the complete licensing process

    We can negotiate low-cost Curaçao gaming license fees

    Smooth and simple process

    Reliable full turnkey solution

    No hassles for you

    We allocate a dedicate professional account manager to you

    We assist you with opening bank accounts & payment service providers.

    What is the unique service we offer? 

    GBO gets you the sub-license that permits your Curaçao casino to offer the full range of egaming activities – sports gambling, roulette, table games like poker, blackjack and baccarat, as well as bingo and lottery. With our assistance, you will have in place the company structure that you need to register the license and get going. And the payment processing merchant accounts necessary for your customers’ deposits and withdrawals will be ready in reputable European EMI service providers.

    Why go elsewhere, when we can do it all for you at such a great cost.

    Trusted by clients around the world

    GBO is a market-leading Curacao Gaming license services provider

    As a licensing jurisdiction, Curacao can only issue online gambling licenses to companies within its own jurisdiction. In Curaçao one gambling license covers all forms of online gaming so you don’t need to apply for multiple licenses for each game you offer online. One Curaçao license also covers online gaming service providers including software providers, affiliates, platform operators etc.

    The Curacao e-gaming license does not specify from which countries your online e-gaming operation can accept customers. With a Curacao online gambling license, you can accept players from all countries so long as they are not specifically prohibited by your sublicense agreement or by the Curacao jurisdiction which has issued the license. 

    In which countries is online gambling legal?

    Unless there are specific laws against online gambling, it is possible to engage in e-gaming from the majority of the 200+ countries in the world. 

    The prohibitions on Curaçao gambling license countries’ external jurisdictions take four main forms. 

    In the first place, there are countries that totally ban online gambling for their own citizens, regardless of where the e-gaming operation is based. These include the United Arab Emirates, Brunei, Cambodia, North Korea, Japan, Singapore, Cyprus, and Qatar.

    Many other countries prohibit access from their own country to foreign online gaming sites, mainly to protect their own local gaming operators. These include Georgia, Sri Lanka, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain, UK, USA and Panama.

    In some of them, there are prohibitions inside their own jurisdictions, so that citizens cannot engage with local operators. This group includes Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco, Norway ,Montenegro, Portugal, San Marino, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Dominica, and Dominican Republic. However, there is nothing prohibiting them from engaging with a Curacao-based online gaming operator.

    Finally, Curacao prohibits access for its own citizens, and there are some specific countries that have treaties with Curacao that include restrictions prohibiting online gambling. These include the USA, the Netherlands, France, Dutch West Indies, and Australia.

    It is the duty and responsibility of the license holder to check that customers are not accessing the Curacao gaming operation from prohibited jurisdictions. Regular checks are made by the Curacao Gaming Control Board as a part of the AFL/CFT supervision of all gaming sectors operating in and from Curacao, which includes the online gaming sector.

    Which countries regulates Curacao gaming companies?

    In 2018, the government of Curacao allocated to the Curacao Gaming Control Board (GCB) the regulation of the online gaming sector. The GCB is now the AML/CFT supervisor for all gaming sectors including online gambling.

    Is it legal to operate a Curacao gaming company without a license?

    The Curacao government issues a single license for any type of gambling service. Operating from within Curacao without a valid license is illegal.

    Is online gambling legal in Curacao?

    It is illegal for citizens of Curacao to gamble online. There are several land-based casinos on the island, and the only restrictions there are age-based, to prevent people under the age of 21 from gambling. As well, the Curacao Gaming Control Board operates as the AML/CFT supervisor for all gaming sectors operating in and from Curacao, which includes the online gaming sector. Part of this role is to maintain black-lists of prohibited operators and players.

    How do I get a Curaçao gaming license?

    GBO has the best experience in setting up online e-gaming operations in Curacao, including securing the necessary egaming license, banking and payment services, and company registration. Let us help you and you can be up and running within weeks!

    Curacao Gaming License Cost

    Wondering about Curacao gaming license prices? Here are our fees:

    Topic Action Curacao gaming license fees*
    Corporate Services Register a Curaçao company $7900
    Acquire or create an EU-registered corporation for banking accounts €3650
    Perform compliance, KYC & UBO audits included in Corporate services
    Banking Services Locate banks & PSPs in the EU €2500
    Setup Electronic Money Institutions to allow for receipt of PSP funds included in Banking services
    Open Merchant Payment/PSP accounts for processing money transfers to & from gaming customers included in Banking services

    * Prices may change

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