New updates on Curacao Gaming Authority licensing revolution

How to Apply for Curacao’s New Gambling license in the Year 2023

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With the new Curacao regulation in place, GBO will maintain its position as the industry leader in gaming licensing and provide a comprehensive package for complete gaming operations, including licensing, company formation, bank accounts, merchant accounts, and help with online casino white labeling.

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    GBO gets you the sub-license that permits your Curacao casino to offer the full range of egaming activities – sports gambling, roulette, table games like poker, blackjack and baccarat, as well as bingo and lottery. With our assistance, you will have in place the company structure that you need to register the license and get going. And the payment processing merchant accounts necessary for your customers’ deposits and withdrawals will be ready in reputable European EMI service providers.

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    The Curacao Gaming Authority is responsible for the implementation of the new rules and regulation starting at summer 2023.

    The Curacao Gaming Authority issue licenses for lotteries and online gaming, in addition to regulating the land-based and online casino industries in Curaçao.

    They also oversee the gaming industry in Curacao to ensure it is following anti-money-laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) laws and regulations. The Curacao Gaming Authority’s mission is to uplift the Curaçao gaming industry by safeguarding the public interest and ensuring the industry’s honesty, responsibility, competition, and freedom from criminal and corruptive elements.

    Companies working together to regulate the Gaming industry finding the right partners and joining the right peer membership organizations are essential for effective gaming industry regulation of all relevant aspects. Some of our most valued intermediaries include: AML/CFT supervisors, the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten (CBCS) and the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) Curaçao are invaluable resources. Regulators in the gaming industry can network with one another and learn about the latest trends by becoming members of the The Curacao Gaming Authority.

    When it comes to gambling, what exactly does the The Curacao Gaming Authority oversee?

    The GCB has been in existence since 1999 and is responsible for regulating the land-based casino industry. It had always been the intention of the government of Curaçao that the GCB would become the regulator for the entire gaming industry in and from Curaçao, and on December 4, 2013, they officially made that a reality. Regulating and supervising Curaçao’s gaming industry properly is one of the government accord’s stated aims for 2017-2021.

    Since 2017, the GCB has been entrusted with the power to issue, modify, revoke, and suspend licenses for the lottery industry, as well as for ‘online gaming activities like bingo. It has been the responsibility of the GCB to oversee anti-money laundering and counter-financing of terrorism for all gaming businesses based in or servicing Curaçao as of February 2019. The GCB’s jurisdiction was widened at that time to include not just land-based casinos but all forms of gambling including online gaming and online casinos. Since March 2020, the GCB has been responsible for licensing and supervising the Curacao iGaming industry on behalf of the Minister of Finance.

    The new The Curacao Gaming Authority

    The government of Curaçao is revising its gambling laws in order to bring them in line with international norms and to implement a policy of responsible gambling for all forms of gambling that are currently or will soon be legalized. With the transmission period f this legislation, the GCB will be transformed into an autonomous agency with regulatory responsibility over all forms of gambling.
    In the summer of 2023, a new set of rules will go into effect regarding gambling in Curcao

    A new regulation that will completely revamp Curacao’s licensing system is almost ready for implementation. The regulation ‘s effective date is set for summer 2023. The Curacao Gaming Control Board will be replaced by the Curacao Gaming Authority, an independent regulatory body. New gambling operators will be issued separate B2C Curacao licenses and B2B Curacao licenses by the new Curacao Gaming Authority, replacing the previous master license / sublicense system; existing licensees will be given the opportunity to express and register interest in a new permission. They’ll be given an adjustment period of 2 -1.5 years. Companies seeking a Curacao gaming license will pay a 5,000 USD application fee in addition to a 14,000 USD  annual license fee and designate key personnel to oversee anti-money laundering activities and responsible gambling policy.

    The new C2B curacao gaming license explained

    There is a brand new gaming license available for Curacao-based online gambling companies, called the C2B Curacao gaming license. Features like an easier application process and cheaper entry point make it more adaptable and sensitive to the needs of gaming professionals. The C2B license also features a variety of services and support, such as guidance with banking and payment processing, technical issues, and legal and compliance issues. The C2B Curacao gaming license is designed to be a simple and affordable way for gaming professionals to start and run their own online gambling sites.

    The new B2B curacao gaming license explained

    Curacao has issued a new type of gaming license tailored to enterprises that offer their services to others in the industry. Without needing to get their own gaming license, holders of B2B licenses can legally offer their services to online gaming operators that hold a valid Curacao gaming license. Businesses who provide services like game and software development, affiliate programs, and other comparable services might save money by purchasing this license. The B2B license ensures that these businesses can run and grow their services within a safe and regulated environment. The goal of the B2B Curacao gaming license is to create a functional and adaptable licensing framework for the online gaming industry’s service providers, hence promoting the industry’s expansion and development.


    What are the consequences of running a casino without proper authorization?

    Without the proper licensing, online casino owners put themselves in jeopardy of a wide range of complex and serious issues. You shouldn’t expect to find a wide selection of high-quality gaming products at an unlicensed casino because many game developers and software providers are unwilling to cooperate with such operators. A negative reputation among players for an unlicensed casino can spread rapidly and be difficult to overcome. When a player encounters a casino they consider untrustworthy, they are quick to take their complaints to a forum. Heavy fines may be imposed on illegal casinos that are located in a country or region that controls gambling. If the casino does not follow the laws of the country in which the parent company is located, it faces closure. Some business owners avoid paying their fair share of taxes and regulatory fees because they believe doing so would be too costly. While there may be some short-term financial benefits, these savings won’t be enough to offset the much larger costs of the resulting damage. The financial effects of fines and jail time far outweigh the initial expense of obtaining an online casino license.



    When the new Curacao gaming regulation will take effect?

    It will take affect in summer 2023 with a long transmission period of up to 2 years


    What will the cost of the new Curacao gaming license?

    It is estimated that obtaining a Curacao gaming license will entail a fee of approximately $20,000. Additionally, a key individual located in Curacao and a physical office space will be necessary, so the total expenses are currently uncertain.

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