GBO’s Success Story: Navigating High Seas to Secure Banking for a Gaming Giant

Banking Solutions: The Lifelines of the Gaming Business

Success stories in the intricate and strictly regulated world of gaming finance are the result of a combination of skill, determination, and strategy. Today, we’re going to talk about how GBO, a corporate services company that focuses on the gaming sector, navigated these challenging waters to help our client win a spectacular battle.

Together, let’s create your success story.

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    The Problem: A Corporate Structure at High Risk

    We started our journey with a new client, a gaming company that has an Anjouan gaming licence and a corporate base in Curacao. This special arrangement makes it possible to apply an Anjouan gaming license to any business, even Curacao-incorporated ones. Even though this structure offers flexibility and a strategic advantage, most European Money Institutions (EMIs) consider the company to be high-risk due to this exact arrangement.

    A lot of EMIs would baulk at the task of opening not one, but two corporate accounts due to the dual challenges of the industry they operate in and the company’s jurisdiction. However, we at GBO love challenges like these.

    The Plan: Making Use of Experience and Planning

    Open bank account for online casino – we set out on this mission with a well-defined plan, having a thorough understanding of the requirements of our client and the regulatory environment. Our strategy was multidimensional, combining in-depth knowledge of the sector with painstaking preparation:

    1. Choosing the Correct Foreign Banks: Our first move was to locate European Money Transfer Institutions (EMIs) that could provide our client with the financial tools they required, had a solid service record, and were willing to work with high-risk clients.
    2. Documentation and Compliance: We had instant access to all required supporting documents because we played a key role in the company’s incorporation. Because of our thorough planning, we were able to oversee the onboarding process effectively and make sure that all legal requirements were precisely fulfilled.
    3. Account Approval: We kept a close eye on the approval procedure, prepared to address any questions or concerns from the EMIs, with all forms filled out and documentation submitted.

    The Final Result: A Successful Dual Banking

    Our banking team’s commitment and knowledge paid off handsomely. We successfully onboarded the company with two of the top EMIs in Europe despite all the odds. This accomplishment demonstrated GBO’s ability to produce outcomes and gave our client the financial foundation they needed to function successfully in the gaming sector.

    Tailored Advice: We gave our client personalised guidance on navigating the banking ecosystem, stressing the value of transparency and compliance, by drawing on GBO’s vast experience in the gaming financial sector.

    Evidence of GBO’s Proficiency

    This achievement demonstrates GBO’s dedication to meeting the financial needs of the gaming industry and goes beyond a single triumph. We successfully negotiate the complexities of high-risk banking by comprehending the particular difficulties faced by gaming companies and utilising our experience in corporate services.

    Our message is very clear to gaming companies that are facing similar difficulties: GBO is your partner in obtaining the financial underpinnings required for success. By means of strategic planning, thorough preparation, and resolute support, we convert financial challenges into opportunities.

    Embark on Your Success Journey with GBO

    If your gaming company is navigating the complex waters of corporate banking, GBO is here to guide you to safe harbors. Connect with us, and let’s chart the course to your financial success together. From selecting the right bank to navigating the onboarding process, GBO is your steadfast ally every step of the way.

    Together, let’s create your success story.

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