Curacao Company Formation – Costs, Process, Renewals and Maintenance in 2024

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GBO’s Sucess factors:

  1. 15+ Years of Experience: Our deep-rooted expertise in Curacao, spanning over 15 years, ensures knowledgeable and tailored company formation services.
  2. Hundreds of Companies Incorporated: A robust track record of successfully setting up numerous companies, showcasing our reliability and effectiveness.
  3. Strong Local Relationships: Vital connections with Curacao’s legal and governmental bodies enable streamlined and compliant processes for our clients.
  4. Competitive, Efficient Service: Offering the best value through affordable pricing and swift, accurate service delivery.

It’s essential when you are setting up your own online casino in the popular jurisdiction of Curacao, to be starting with the most suitable corporate and finance infrastructure so that you get running as soon as you get the license.

Through GBO’s wide network of gaming-friendly banks and payment processors and our great expertise, we will help you through all the hurdles. We have over twelve years of experience in Curacao and other countries and have hundreds of satisfied customers.

Impotant Notice for 2024

  1. According to the recent update from 3.2024
  2. Curacao company formation remains the same despite the changes in Gaming Regulation.
  3. Curacao company can be one of the new online casino corporate structures with other gaming license

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    Curaçao Online Casino Formation Price

    GBO helps you to perform all of the preliminary steps that will get your casino going. These steps are made up of the three essential “must-have” components:

    1. A company must be set up with the Curacao company register with residence inside the e-zone Curacao.
    2. The Curacao offshore company formation must be properly registered so that it can register a sublicense for e-gaming in the Curacao gaming license register.
    3. A holding company must be established somewhere in the EU banking domain as the legal entity that sets up and controls the necessary financial accounts:
      • A bank account that caters for high-risk payment processing companies.
      • A merchant account/payment service provider (PSP) designed to optimize i-gaming payment processing.
      • Associated EMI (Electronic Money Institution) accounts that channel the PSP transactions.

    Curacao company formation costs

    Topic Action Our fees*
    Corporate Services Register a Curaçao company $7900
    Acquire or create an EU-registered corporation for banking accounts €3650
    Perform compliance, KYC & UBO audits included in Corporate services
    Banking Services Locate banks & PSPs in the EU €2500
    Setup Electronic Money Institutions to allow for receipt of PSP funds included in Banking services
    Open Merchant Payment/PSP accounts for processing money transfers to & from gaming customers included in Banking services

    What is the unique service we offer? 

    GBO gets you the sub-license that permits your Curaçao casino to offer the full range of egaming activities – sports gambling, roulette, table games like poker, blackjack and baccarat, as well as bingo and lottery. With our assistance, you will have in place the company structure that you need to register the license and get going. And the payment processing merchant accounts necessary for your customers’ deposits and withdrawals will be ready in reputable European EMI service providers.

    Why go elsewhere, when we can do it all for you at such a great cost.

    Trusted by clients around the world

    GBO is a market-leading Curacao Gaming license services provider

    Step 1 – Curacao Company Setup

    The legislation governing online gaming in Curacao stipulates that only local resident companies may operate within the jurisdiction. Furthermore, the Curacao Gaming Control board will not register a sub-license to a foreign entity.

    Because it is legally part of The Netherlands, Curacao is included in the OECD safelist, which dictates the type of companies that can be formed. With GBO’s help, a BV holding corporation will be set up that qualifies for registration in the E-Zone, meaning you will be taxed at the very lowest possible rate, which is 2% on profits.  Specific requirements to open an offshore company in Curacao are:

    • Activities are located out in the E-Zone to qualify for lowest tax rate
    • The company must have a registered address there
    • The company must register in the Chamber of Commerce
    • The company must have a resident or local director or must appoint a resident local agent who will manage its affairs.

    Setting up Curacao company requires the following:

    • Company’s name for registration – must be unique, and may not include certain reserved words
    • Declaration of the type of business
    • Directors’ details – citizenship and country of residence, current address with a notarized copy of passport or other such official identification
    • If a local agent is appointed, the same ID documentation is required
    • Company beneficiary’s details – ID same as for directors, plus a signed letter of intent
    • Some proof of locality, like power and phone bills, bank statements with their names.

    Step 2 – Curacao Company Registration Procedure

    The following are the standard procedures for registering your Curacao company. GBO is with you every step of the way:

    • KYC (Know Your Client) completion
    • Due diligence documentation
    • Submission to the Notary
    • Chamber Of Commerce registration;
    • Registration with the Tax Authorities;

    As well, any liaison with the process of acquiring and registering your gambling sub-license will be managed by our specialist team.

    Step 3 – Curacao Offshore Company Formation

    Many banks lack knowledge of the online gaming industry and regulations, so they are already hesitant to open accounts for e-gaming companies. Most e-gaming operators have experienced difficulties finding a reliable service provider of bank accounts and merchant account facilities necessary for credit card transaction processing.

    Because Curacao is nominally a part of the EU, its jurisdiction is recognized by all European banks. That creates the opportunity to set up the corporate banking structure inside Europe with an EU-based payment processing agent providing high-risk merchant account payment processing. Although it falls outside the EU taxation regulations, Curacao has been accepted as complying with global standards like CTF and AML.

    The essential step is to create a holding company somewhere in the EU banking domain as the legal entity that sets up and controls the necessary financial accounts – bank, EMI and merchant / PSP.

    Local Director to Curacao Company

    Expand your business in Curaçao seamlessly with GBO’s local director service! Ensure compliance, gain local expertise, and enhance credibility. Perfect for companies needing a Curaçao-based director. Contact GBO now to elevate your business!

    The general rule is that a Curaçao-based business might be obliged to have at least one resident director. An individual can satisfy this requirement.

    1. Legal Representation: By making sure the business has a representative in the relevant jurisdiction, a local individual director can streamline administrative and legal procedures.
    2. Regulatory Compliance: To ensure adherence to local regulations and standards, some types of companies in Curaçao, particularly those involved in specific regulated activities, may be required by law or by regulatory bodies to have a local individual director.
    3. Tax Residency: The company’s tax residency status may be impacted by the presence of a local director, which may be important for tax compliance and planning. The establishment of a company’s tax residency in Curaçao may be supported more strongly by a local individual director, contingent upon the particulars of regional tax legislation and international tax agreements.
    4. Enhanced Credibility: The company’s credibility in the Curaçao business environment, with banks, and in interactions with other local entities may be improved by having a local individual director.

    Why should you get the license from GBO?

    We have already obtained hundreds of licenses for our customers

    We have twelve years experience in the gaming consultancy business

    We can complete the licensing process in just 2-3 weeks

    With GBO working for you, it’s a low-cost, smooth and straightforward process

    We assist you with opening bank accounts & locating payment service providers.

    Setup of specialized banking and merchant accounts

    Online gaming companies trying to establish the necessary financial structure with bank accounts and the merchant account facilities necessary to accept online payments have in the past encountered significant obstacles. Regulatory scrutiny and their classification as a ‘high risk’ enterprise limit their ability to accept payments from some jurisdictions. 

    The GBO solution is to create a structure combining a locally registered Curacao e-gaming company. Then you can register its egambling sub-license, with a merchant account located anywhere in the EU, which recognizes the validity of Curacao e-gambling licenses without also having to impose the ancillary financial restrictions.

    GBO has in many such cases assisted in setting up the banking and merchant account facilities inside the EU, with online gaming activities based in Curaçao, as well as credit card processing and the movement of funds between customers and the e-gaming operator.


    What is the level of Curacao corporate taxing?

    A BV company operating in Curacao’s E-Zone today can pay a corporate tax rate of just 2%, with no restriction on the distribution of dividends. It’s essential, though, to get the structure right from the very beginning, so you should let our experts guide you from start to finish. At present there is no Curacao gambling tax.

    What taxes apply to gambling operators?

    Of all the major online gaming jurisdictions, Curacao offers the most favorable gaming tax provisions of any in the world. Most international e-gaming operators are double taxed. The GGR (gross gaming revenue) tax is levied on the net profit on the actual gaming (bets minus payouts), and can range as high as 25%. Next, companies are taxed on their own net profits (income minus expenditure) and are lucky if that can be lower than 15%.

    Curacao does not levy any tax on gaming profit (or rather, the GGR tax rate is zero.) Companies set up with our guidance with the proper corporate structure only pay 2% tax on net profit, and can redeem 98% in tax-free dividends to shareholders.

    Where is the Curacao E-Zone

    The E-zone (economic zone) is a government-designated area inside Curacao. Only companies doing export-oriented business are allowed to establish themselves in the economic zone. The customers of these companies must be located outside Curacao, which is also a requirement of the e-gaming sub-license, which forbids access to Curacao residents.

    Is Curaçao turnover subject to VAT in the EU?

    Yes, but this is dependent on the nature of the turnover. VAT is payable on whether you sell goods or services, B2B or B2C, and on the level of sales in individual countries. It’s best to get professional advice from our experts, because this issue can be avoided with the proper corporate setup.

    The authority is maintaining fair practice governance over online providers. Full paper audit trails of every player are kept, with their personal details and movement of funds.

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