GBO’s Success Story: Updating the Banking Framework for a Continuous Online Casino in Response to Stricter Regulations

Success Story: Opening Bank Account and Crypto Payments for an Online Casino

GBO’s successful completion of this project demonstrates our ability to deliver tailored solutions in the online gaming industry in a timely and efficient manner. Our comprehensive approach, which includes everything from legal compliance to technical setup, demonstrates us role as a one-stop shop for gaming companies looking to make a name for themselves in the digital world.

GBO’s Success Factors

  1. 15+ Years in Curacao Banking: Deep expertise ensures personalized, knowledgeable banking services in Europe and Asia.
  2. Successful Banking Solutions: Proven track record in delivering reliable and effective banking services.
  3. Strong Local Network: Key connections with Curacao’s legal and financial bodies for streamlined, compliant services.
  4. Competitive, Efficient Banking: High-value services at affordable prices, delivered swiftly and accurately.

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    Success Story with Opening Bank Accounts and Crypto Wallets to Online Casino.

    In response to the implementation of rigorous new banking regulations, a gaming company sought our assistance.

    1. Due to their previous bank’s classification of online gaming as a high-risk industry, their account was closed.
    2. Their bank frequently delayed incoming US dollar transfers, even when operational, necessitating repeated justifications to intermediary banks in the US.
    3. Their primary requirement is to receive funds from players through their merchant accounts and cryptocurrency wallets.

    Our Solution:

    We suggested establishing a gambling business bank account in Europe that possesses the capability to process both US dollars and Euros, in addition to being equipped with SWIFT and SEPA services. Additionally, we identified a financial institution that acknowledged their operational needs, thereby guaranteeing the seamless and effective processing of transactions.

    Our Sucess Story Factors:

    • Assistance in Document Preparation: We provided hands-on assistance in gathering and preparing the necessary documentation for the bank account setup, ensuring accuracy and completeness to meet the stringent compliance requirements of European banks.
    • Expert Compliance Guidance: Our expertise was instrumental in formulating precise and convincing responses to the compliance queries posed by the banks. This ensured a smooth due diligence process and increased the chances of a successful account opening.
    • Multiple Banking Options: Recognizing the unique needs of the gaming company, we presented them with a selection of banks, each capable of catering to their specific requirements. This allowed them to choose a banking partner that best aligned with their operational needs.
    • Introduction to Leading Crypto Solutions in Gaming: Understanding the growing significance of cryptocurrencies in the gaming industry, we introduced them to one of the best crypto solutions available. This integration allowed for more versatile and efficient financial transactions within the gaming world.

    By leveraging our expertise and network, the gaming company successfully established a European bank account tailored to their needs, without the necessity of creating a new legal entity in the EU. This strategic move enabled them to consolidate all incoming transfers efficiently and handle internal transfers with reduced scrutiny, thus maintaining their operational momentum in the face of evolving banking landscapes.

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