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When you are setting up your own online casino in the popular jurisdiction of Curacao, you can benefit from GBO’s great experience and expertise (more then 100 licenses already obtained), getting you through the hurdles of acquiring the license and corporate setup. We have over twelve years experience in Curacao, and have hundreds of satisfied customers. In just a few weeks, and at minimal cost, you will be ready to launch!

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    When you negotiate through GBO, the whole package is bundled so there are no extras, because we include the full Curaçao gaming license cost.

    How much Curacao gaming license costs?

    Topic Topic Our fees*
    Banking Search for accepting banks in EU €2500
    Corporate Register a Curaçao company $7900
    Corporate Acquire or create EU-registered corporation for banking contracts €3650
    Corporate Perform compliance, KYC & UBO audits included in Corporate services
    Electronic Money Institutions To allow for receipt of PSP funds included in Banking services
    Gaming license Negotiated from Curaçao master license holder $16900
    Merchant Payment Open PSP accounts for processing money transfers to & from gaming customers included in Banking services

    How to get Curacao gaming license in 2022/2023?

    1. Curacao company incorporation.
    2. Submitting license documents, company documents and paperwork
    3. Payments for the company formation and license fees
    4. Wait several week (4-6 weeks) until the license is ready to implement

    Those where the regulation time-line, now you need to open bank accounts, merchant accounts, find online casino white label, open gaming bank account, marketing and more, we will assist you to get everything done

    A company applying for a Curacao gaming license must produce and pay for a full set of documents that proves its residence in Curacao, along with good credentials and identity of company officials and owners. These documents will be submitted on your behalf by GBO. Depending on your specific specifications there may be different requirements. GBO will advise you of the proper steps to be taken in every case.

    What are the setup costs for companies applying for a Curacao gaming license?

    A company applying for a Curacao gaming license must submit documentation that establishes its residence in Curacao, along with its good business standing and the credentials of its owners and managers. These documents will be submitted on your behalf by GBO. Depending on your specific requirements there may be different requirements. GBO will advise you of the proper steps to be taken in every case.

    Proof of Identity Certified copies of the passport(s) of the company’s UBOs – Ultimate Beneficial Owner(s) and other officers
    Proof of Address Recent utility bills not older than three months (Electricity, landline telephone, TV, Cable) or  Bank statement or Official government correspondence with company’s street address (not POB)
    Bank Reference letter On an official Bank letterhead, addressed to “To whom it may concern” and signed by a bank representative including their name and position.
    Professional Reference letter A reference letter from a registered Lawyer or Accountant with whom you have had a business relationship for at least 2 years. The letter must include their name and position in English and must be signed.
    Software agreements A list of all current Gaming software agreements, including supplier’s name and business address


    Your company is directly responsible for all charges relating to the production of these documents, including translation and notarization where required.

    Annual and recurrent charges

    Each year, the corporate and gaming licenses must be renewed. In the following table, we provide an estimate of the costs. There may be more annual charges depending on which additional services you require from GBO.

    Company license renewal Lodged with the Curacao registrar 4000 – 6000
     Gaming sub-license renewal Payable to the Master license holder 10000 – 13000

    Why should you get the license from GBO?

    Hundreds of Curaçao casino licenses already obtained for our customers

    GBO has 12 years in the gaming consultancy business

    Just 2-3 weeks for the complete licensing process

    We can negotiate low-cost Curaçao gaming license fees

    Smooth and simple process

    Reliable full turnkey solution

    No hassles for you

    We allocate a dedicate professional account manager to you

    We assist you with opening bank accounts & payment service providers.

    What is the unique service we offer? 

    GBO gets you the sub-license that permits your Curacao casino to offer the full range of egaming activities – sports gambling, roulette, table games like poker, blackjack and baccarat, as well as bingo and lottery. With our assistance, you will have in place the company structure that you need to register the license and get going. And the payment processing merchant accounts necessary for your customers’ deposits and withdrawals will be ready in reputable European EMI service providers.

    Why go elsewhere, when we can do it all for you at such a great cost.

    Trusted by clients around the world

    GBO is a market-leading Curacao Gaming license services provider

    All about Curacao

    Are you looking for the best place to set up a fully legal and respectable online casino? Look no further than Curaçao. Curaçao is one of the oldest and most popular gaming locations in the world. It currently has more than 450 licensed online casinos. Curaçao online gambling licenses are in high demand, and they are relatively inexpensive and require low-cost annual maintenance. 

    For an owner, the added benefits are that Curacao does not charge any VAT, has a low corporate income tax, and does not levy any tax on bets. Curacao has a progressive legislative system with a long history of political stability. There are already established high-quality telecom and internet facilities and a well-established financial services industry. Taking all of this together, Curacao is an extremely attractive environment for international online gaming companies to set up operations.

    There are many Curacao license advantages, as we detail in this article.

    Why choose Curaçao – top features

    There are dozens of countries and territories that today offer some form of license to operate an online casino or gaming operation. The quality of those licenses depends on many different factors. In the table below, we pinpoint where any startup casino operator should focus his attention, along with where we know Curaçao’s strongpoints are.

    Feature What counts Curaçao’s ranking*
    0 +
    Location The general reputation of the country’s gaming sector 0
    The quality of the legislation that allows eGaming +
    The structure of the bodies that control the operations +
    The confidence that gamblers will have that their betting activities will be secure, private and fair 0
    Do gamblers have access to official grievance claims mechanisms +
    Gaming types allowed The most popular gambling activities should be catered for, including: ++
    – table games like Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps +
    – Sports betting +
    – Electronic slots – also called video slots
    – Bingo
    – Lotto
    Reach Players from around the world should be able to play without restrictions, or needing workarounds to bypass barriers Curaçao only restricts local residents, and a few countries
    License cost The cost for issuing a license should be clearly set, and reasonable. The authority should guarantee renewal, and charges should also be fair. ++
    License availability New licenses should be available on the open market, not subject to restrictions, cancellation or short renewal periods. ++
    Taxes on gambling profit Taxes must be based on a fair basis, preferable on industry-standard Gross Gaming Revenue. No winners tax should be levied. ++
    Taxes on company profit Moderate corporate tax rates should be levied on profits +++
    Availability of banking & PSP Casino operators need access to banks and payment service providers ++
    Ease of setup for your company Setting up the corporate structure, with residence requirements for ownership and management, must be simple. ++

    – Negative or not relevant  /  0  Neutral  /  + Positive

    Who issues the Curacao gaming license?

    The regulator in the jurisdiction of Curacao is the Curacao Gaming Control Board. It sets the rules for acquiring the gaming license that you need to conduct online e-gambling operations in Curacao and oversees the operation of the casino. 

    The online gaming industry of Curacao was legalized in 1993. Since then online gaming licenses have been issued by the Minister of Finance, which has been tasked with the supervision of the online gaming sector. In 2018 the Minister of Finance tasked the Curacao Gaming Control Board (GCB) with the regulation of the online gaming sector and subsequently the GCB was appointed the AML/CFT supervisor for all gaming sectors operating in and from Curacao, which includes the online gaming sector.

    What is the Curacao gaming license?

    There are two kinds of licenses. 

    Curacao master licenses are valid for five years, and only four master licenses have been issued by the Minister of Justice since 1996. 

    Curacao sub-licenses can be on-sold by the owner of a single master license and are valid as long as the master license remains valid. It’s not possible any longer to apply for a master license, since only sub-licenses are issued at the moment. 

    Sub-licenses permit the conduct of all kinds of gambling activities. One license covers all games such as online casinos, slots, sports betting, eSports, lottery, and games of skill and chance. 

    The Curacao gaming license is available only to companies that are based in Curacao. It is one of the most affordable in the established gaming jurisdictions.

    GBO can negotiate the most favorable price for your sub-license from a master license holder. 

    Acquiring a Curacao master license vs a sub-license is no longer an option, since the Curacao Gaming Control Board is not currently offering new master licenses.

    How to gain respect in global e-Gaming

    All over the world, online gambling businesses are regulated either by a Gaming Control Board or an independent government body or division. Gaming Control Boards hold power to adjudicate over civil cases brought to them by the body responsible for enforcing the gambling license regulations.

    As well, there is a voluntary international standards group, known as the International Association of Gaming Regulators, that promotes the efficiency and effectiveness of gaming regulation through cooperation and liaison.

    Bodies that issue gambling licenses gain prestige by joining such international organizations and properly founded in regulated legislation inside well-regarded jurisdictions.

    You should realize that your casino’s reputation can’t be better than the reputation of the country where you are based, so carefully choose this first.

    Curacao’s reputation and reach in the gambling world

    Curacao has its own gaming authority – the Curacao Gaming Control Board, set up under the authority of the Curacao Minister of Justice, which has strong links with the Netherlands and is a respected regulator of online gambling in the gaming industry. It oversees the Curaçao gaming license requirements.

    Since 2010 Curacao has had an independent constitutional government but is nominally still part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This means that Curacao holds the unique status of being part of the EU without actually being in Europe. That means Curacao enjoys many of the benefits of EU membership without the heavy taxing.

    More than 450 companies have chosen the Curacao betting license already, and the demand isn’t falling. This tells you that you start off with the best available platform from which to launch your own internet gaming site. With hard work, you can climb over all the competition and get to be the best of the best, in the best of the markets.

    Who can play on a Curacao online e-gaming site?

    Curacao is in a unique position, because it falls in as part of the EU since it is under the jurisdiction of the Netherlands. So, automatically, most members of the EU are permitted to gamble on your site without restriction. As well, external European countries like the EEC countries are all allowed to play.

    Right now, there are only a few restrictions. Forbidden countries include players from Curacao itself as well as Belize, UK, the USA and a few EU countries like Germany, France and the Netherlands.

    How much a Curacao egaming license cost?

    There are two kinds of licenses. Master licenses are valid for five years, and only four master licenses have been issued since 1996. Sub-licenses are linked to a single master license and are valid as long as the master license remains valid. It’s not possible any longer to apply for a master license, since only sub-licenses are issued at the moment. Sub-licenses permit the conduct of all kinds of gambling activities.

    The Curacao gaming license is available only to companies that are based in Curacao. It is one of the most affordable in the established gaming jurisdictions, with a Curacao gaming license price of around €20000. One license covers all games such as online casinos, slots, sports betting, eSports, lottery, and games of skill and chance.

    Why should you get the license from GBO?

    We have already obtained hundreds of licenses for our customers

    We have twelve years experience in the gaming consultancy business

    We can complete the licensing process in just 2-3 weeks

    With GBO working for you, it’s a low-cost, smooth and straightforward process

    We assist you with opening bank accounts & locating payment service providers.

    What should be the corporate setup for gambling operators in Curacao

    For any e-gaming companies there are five essential “must-have” components:

    A company registered in Curaçao that is the holder of a sublicense for e-gaming

    A bank account that caters for high-risk payment processing companies

    A merchant account/payment service provider (PSP) designed to optimize i-gaming payment processing

    Associated EMI (Electronic Money Institution) accounts that channel the PSP transactions

    A holding company somewhere in the EU banking domain as the legal entity that sets up and controls the necessary financial accounts – bank (which is not mandatory), EMI and merchant / PSP.

    What are the gambling and corporate taxes in Curacao

    Curaçao levies 0% tax on gross gaming revenue – the lowest in the world. Also, setting up the ownership corporate structure properly with our help will get you established to pay the minimum tax rate on net corporate profit, which is currently just 2%.

    Can you get banking and payment service provider services for Curacao online casinos?

    Banks often reject e-gaming companies as they are considered high risk. Curacao has already overcome that hurdle, since nearly 500 companies are already operating successfully there. 

    In addition, Curaçao is nominally a part of the EU, so its business operations are viewed positively by European banks. That creates the opportunity for us to assist you to set up the corporate banking structure inside Europe. Although it falls outside the EU taxation regulations, it has been accepted as conforming to the Code of Conduct for business taxation as well as compliance with other global standards like CTF and AML.

    Most e-gaming operators have experienced difficulties finding a reliable service provider and merchant account facilities necessary for credit card transaction processing. However, for those based in Curaçao, with our expert help, we can provide you with an EU-based payment processing agent providing high-risk merchant account payment processing.

    How to get your Curaçao gaming license – step by step

    With GBO’s specialist service, the following steps will get you up and running in the shortest possible time:

    Incorporate and register a new company in Curaçao

    Incorporate a holding company in the EU for banking & PSP accounts (or use an existing company for banking)

    purchase a sub-license from a Master License holder

    Register your casino at CIGA

    Approval typically takes up to six weeks, but we can do it faster

    Open EMI/Merchant/PSP accounts for payment processing

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      Why does Curacao rate so highly for online gaming?

      Curacao is one of the most popular destinations for online gamers. This can be mainly attributed to its reputation, coming from the knowledge that the CIGA is a strict regulator, overseeing player protection and promoting ethical dispute resolution practices.

      The authority is maintaining fair practice governance over online providers. Full paper audit trails of every player are kept, with their personal details and movement of funds.

      How do I get a Curacao gaming license?

      The requirements for obtaining a license are:

      • Ownership of a company registered and domiciled in Curaçao;
      • Nomination of a local director or representative;
      • Publication of a complete description of the games of chance to be offered;
      • Publication of the rules for using the website;
      • Ownership of an internet domain;
      • Operation of least one physical server belonging to the company in Curaçao;
      • Commitment to AML procedures by every player;
      • Allowing for an audit of all gaming systems and software;
      • A signed commitment to not register persons under the age of 18, residents of the United States, the Netherlands and Curaçao and other island territories.

      How much is a Curacao gaming license cost?

      The cost of the license is negotiated with the owner of a Curaçao master gaming license. It can therefore fluctuate depending on the levels of demand, which are currently high and are likely to increase further as the global virus pandemic turns more and more people onto online gaming when they cannot visit land-based casinos. 

      For this reason, getting your license sooner rather than later makes good sense. GBO will always negotiate the best possible price with master license holders with whom we have been doing business for many years.

      What does a gaming license do?

      Ownership of a Curacao gaming sub-license is necessary if you are operating an online gaming website based in Curacao. It entitles you to offer the full range of e-gambling services, including online poker, baccarat, slot machines, sports betting, lottery etc.

      How do I get a Curacao gaming license?

      Only companies registered in Curacao can be approved as holders of a sub-license. Let our expert team take care of the necessary procedures to obtain the license, set up your company, payments and banking accounts.

      In order to apply for registration of a sub-license, a company must meet certain essential criteria:

      Full compliance with Due Diligence and KYC procedures

      Full identification of the company’s UBOs – Ultimate Beneficial Owner(s)

      Satisfactory references on UBOs

      A detailed and transparent description of the games to be offered.

      The company can then register its sub-license and start to run internet gambling operations in Curaçao.

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