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Malta Gaming License

GBO provides turn-key solutions, including gaming licenses, company formation, bank accounts, legal services, and everything else you require.

When it comes to establishing your own online casino in the popular jurisdiction of Malta, you can rely on GBO’s vast experience and expertise to guide you through the licensing and corporate setup processes. We have over a decade of experience in Malta and hundreds of happy customers. You will be ready to launch in just a few weeks and at a low cost!

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    When you negotiate through GBO, the whole package is bundled so there are no extras because we include the full Malta gaming license cost.

    What is the unique service we offer?

    With the assistance of GBO, you can receive a Malta license that permits your online casino to offer a number of eGaming options, including sports betting, roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat, bingo, and lottery. We can help you develop the corporate structure required to get the license and get started, as well as set up payment processing merchant accounts for your customers’ deposits and withdrawals with respected European EMI service providers.

    GBO has developed a comprehensive Turnkey Package for obtaining a Malta Online Gaming License.

    The package includes all the necessary services for a business to go live in Malta, such as administration, licensing, regulatory compliance, and fiscal considerations.


    Malta gaming license countries

    The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) license is acknowledged and accepted in a large number of countries worldwide. The following are some of the countries where a Malta gaming license is valid:

    All European Union (EU) member states the United Kingdom
    The country of New Zealand
    African nation of South Africa
    This list is not exhaustive, and there may be additional countries that recognize a Malta gaming license. It is essential to note, however, that each country has its own specific laws and regulations regarding online gaming, and operators holding a Malta gaming license must ensure that they comply with all relevant requirements in each jurisdiction where they offer their services.

    Malta Gaming License costs and fees

    The package cost is highly competitive compared to other online gambling licensing jurisdictions, and the Malta annual renewal fees are significantly lower than in other jurisdictions. We also offer expansion services, such as acquiring new licenses and negotiating agreements with payment and service providers.

    # Name of Cost Cost (EUR)
    1 Application Fee 2,330
    2 License Fee 8,500 to 25,000 depending on the type of license
    3 Compliance Contribution Fee 5,000 to 35,000 depending on the type of license
    4 Key Functionaries Fee 1,200 to 5,000 depending on the number of key functionaries
    5 Annual Renewal Fee 4,660 to 9,000 depending on the type of license

    Trusted by clients around the world

    GBO is a market-leading Malta Gaming license services provider

    In Malta, there are four types of gaming licenses, which are:

    Category 1 – Chance Games Played Against the Casino: This sort of license covers casino-style games, such as blackjack, roulette, and slot machines, in which the player wagers against the house. This license is appropriate for operators who provide customers with these types of games.

    Category 2 – Chance Games Competing Against Other Players: This license covers peer-to-peer gambling, such as poker or betting exchanges, in which the operator has no direct influence over the outcome of the game. This license is appropriate for operators who provide customers with these types of games.

    Type 3 – Games of Skill, Chance, and Low Risk: This license covers skill- and chance-based games such as fantasy sports. The license extends to spread betting and pool betting as well. This license is appropriate for operators who provide customers with these types of games.

    Type 4 – Gaming Service Providers: This license covers operators who provide services to other operators, such as hosting or management of gaming platforms, as well as software providers who develop and supply games to other operators.

    This license applies to operators who provide services to other operators, such as hosting or maintenance of gaming platforms, as well as software suppliers who develop and supply games to other operators.

    Each sort of license has its own restrictions and fees, which can vary based on the type of gaming service being provided.


    A Comprehensive Overview of the Malta Gaming License Application Procedure for Operators

    The Malta Gaming Authority is the licensing authority for iGaming enterprises, online casinos, and sportsbooks in Malta. A license from the MGA is a sign of distinction, trustworthiness, and validity in the business. The MGA is one of the world’s foremost gaming regulators. Obtaining an MGA gaming license is neither simple nor inexpensive, and candidates must be prepared to endure a lengthy and difficult system with numerous stages and requirements. This article will provide a comprehensive description of the application procedure for a gaming license in Malta, including the requirements and perks.


    Application for a Gambling License in Malta:

    In Malta, obtaining a gaming license begins with the formation of a firm. GBO can assist with business incorporation and the establishment of a tax-efficient framework for gaming operations in Malta. Also, they may assist you with the papers required for the incorporation of a firm.

    GBO is an end-to-end solutions provider and can provide all the services necessary by Maltese company law for a gaming entity to fulfill and maintain its statutory duties.

    Length of the MGA license procedure:

    1. The process leading to the issuance of a gaming license takes between twelve and sixteen weeks if the Authority is given with all required papers and information.
    2. The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) classifies the application procedure into the following five stages:
    3. Evaluation: This phase evaluates all information pertaining to the individuals involved in the funding and management of the organization, including all important individuals, to determine that the application is qualified to conduct gaming operations. Potential investigations will be performed with other national and international regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies.
    4. Company planning – This phase of company planning comprises an in-depth financial analysis of the business plan and a detailed operation prediction. Examining the company’s marketing and distribution plans, HR plan, and growth objectives, the MGA will guarantee that the organization is prepared from a business strategy standpoint.
    5. Operational and Statutory Requirements: At this stage, the instruments necessary to conduct the business are examined to ensure that the operational and statutory requirements necessary to meet the legal and policy-mandated obligations are in place. This process involves analyzing incorporation paperwork, games, business processes associated with conducting the games, rules, terms, conditions, policies, procedures, and technical documentation of gaming and control systems.
    6. This phase of the Gming System Audit requires the applicant to implement and test the operation in a technical environment prior to becoming live. This procedure will compare the actual environment to the suggested application.
    7. The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) will issue a ten-year gaming license upon satisfactory completion. Once the MGA has issued a license, the applicant will be invited to implement on a technical environment and have sixty days to make a Go Live declaration.
    8. Once the gaming license has been awarded, the licensee must undertake multiple audits of its operations to ensure compliance. After the first year of operation and per MGA instruction, these audits of gaming compliance are required.


    Pre-Application Methodology

    The initial stage in getting a gaming license in Malta is to complete a pre-application process with an MGA official. This initial evaluation is required to confirm that the applicant is appropriately equipped and capable of operating an online gaming business in accordance with MGA standards and expectations. During this phase, the MGA will require particular documents and information regarding the applicant’s firm, including corporate structure, ownership information, and financial facts.

    Test of Appropriateness

    The applicant must demonstrate to the MGA, through the pre-application process, that they are capable of operating an online gambling business and complying to the criteria of the Malta gaming license. To fulfill this criterion, the MGA has developed a “Fit and Appropriate Test” that examines the application and business entity’s owners. The test determines if the candidate is capable of operating a business of this nature and if the required plan is in place. This procedure involves an in-person interview, a comprehensive examination of each candidate’s career, skills, and experience, and increased due diligence. The authorities will subsequently determine whether each applicant meets the operational and legal conditions stipulated by Maltese gaming legislation and policy. At this step, numerous probity investigations are also conducted with national and international law enforcement agencies and regulatory organizations.

    Economic and Business Analysis

    The MGA will perform a comprehensive financial analysis of the business plan submitted as part of the application process. To obtain a Malta gaming license, the MGA requires that all financials are in order and that the plan is short- and long-term financially feasible. They will analyze every component of the plan, including marketing, human resources, growth, distribution, and a variety of other performance indicators and objectives. At this step of the process, the offered games, business processes, policies, rules, and all technical documents will be evaluated.


    Also, the business strategy must include specifications for all gaming software and hosting information for data and software. All hosting and servers must be located in Malta to comply with the criteria of the Malta online gaming license. Depending on the conditions of the applicant, the corporate body filing the application must have a minimum issued and paid-up share capital between EUR 40,000 and EUR 240,000.

    Due Diligence

    Any person involved in the application process or considered a candidate must pass checks for due diligence. They are asked to produce identification, address, and source of funding documentation.

    Registered Office and Representatives of the company

    A firm founded in Malta must have a registered office in the nation in order to get a gaming license. The organization is required to have one director and a company secretary, both of whom must pass the MGA’s Fitness and Probity Test. Additional crucial positions must be filled within the organization.

    System Evaluation and Compliance Review

    Before a Malta gaming firm is permitted to “go live,” a system evaluation and compliance audit must be completed in a technological environment. These will be as part of the application procedure.


    System & Compliance Audit for Gaming

    To be in compliance with the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), operators must hire an authorized Audit Service Provider to conduct a review of their operations, either as a systems audit during the onboarding process or as a gaming compliance audit throughout their licensed period.

    The applicant must implement the operation on a technical environment within 60 days, during which the MGA anticipates minor deviations from the application for a gaming license. After going online, Licensees must conduct periodic gaming compliance audits to detect flaws, engage workers, and build customer trust; failure to do so may result in license suspension or revocation.

    GBO will assist to have the MGA-approved system and compliance audit service provider that can conduct both types of audits as well as mock audits to assist operators in preparing for these assessments. The mock audit helps comprehend the methodology of the audit process and identifies gaps between requirements, methods, and controls, resulting in more successful and efficient reviews. During the mock audit, GBO’s professional and experienced team is crucial to the overall process.

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