Best Crypto Business Bank accounts in Europe

GBO we can help you to open Crypto business bank account in Crypto-friendly banks in Europe.

In 2024, GBO proudly offers the premier business cryptocurrency bank account service, revolutionizing how digital currencies are managed in the business realm. Since the inception of cryptocurrency banking in 2008, there has been a surge in demand and popularity. This service facilitates effortless buying, selling, and trading of cryptocurrencies, accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

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    Best business Cryptocurrency bank account at 2024

    A business cryptocurrency bank account refers to the use of an account with a banking or financial service provider to manage digital currencies. Since 2008, there has been wild growth of interest in cryptocurrency banking. It has become extremely popular because anyone wanting to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies can now do so with just an internet connection.


    GBO has been on the cutting edge of the cryptocurrency revolution. We are advising hundreds of corporate customers through every step of the way to add cryptocurrency handling into their financial structure.

    Some of the key concepts that must be understood are:

    • Cryptocurrency – they are money tokens circulated using cryptographic techniques without the involvement of a monetary authority or central bank. People can buy, sell or trade them securely. A cryptocurrency (or “crypto”) is traded outside of the conventional financial infrastructure.
    • Business Cryptocurrency exchange – also known in some jurisdictions as digital currency exchange (DCE), allows customers to trade cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for other assets, such as fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies. Users can bid for, offer, purchase, and sell their cryptocurrencies using cryptocurrency wallets
    • Business Crypto bank account – many digital banks and EMIs allow customers to control their cryptocurrency assets precisely as they do fiat currencies.
    • Business Crypto wallet – is a digital account that enables the purchase, storage and spending of cryptocurrency assets.

    GBO Corporate Services is leading the way as the premier facilitator of cryptocurrency services for companies looking for guidance in processing cryptocurrency transactions through the fiduciary banking system.

    Best Crypto bank account for business

    Crypto friendly business bank account may be necessary for multiple purposes, including:

    • Investment in cryptocurrency – Cryptocurrency investment has become a significant component of digital finance. Since the first full cryptocurrency launch in 2008, many billions of dollars have been invested for both short-term and long-term holdings. As further growth in the scope and function of digital currencies is likely, there is a strong demand for digital banking services offering the same facilities as merchant banks now do for conventional business
    • Trading cryptocurrency on exchanges – Billions of transactions are conducted each day in cryptocurrencies. A cryptocurrency exchange (also called a digital currency exchange) is a digital platform that allows customers to trade between conventional fiat money and cryptocurrencies and swap between different digital currencies. A cryptocurrency exchange can take a commission fee on each transaction or make the market with a spread between buy and sell prices, taking the difference as its fee. Exchanges can transfer cryptocurrency to and from a customer’s personal cryptocurrency wallet. The denomination of funds kept in accounts may be fiat or digital currency.
    • B2B transactions – Some companies are now allowing for the movement of funds between themselves and suppliers, corporate customers and service providers to be in cryptocurrencies. They need to set up a bank account for crypto business either within their existing finance infrastructure or on a crypto-friendly bank.
    • B2C transactions – Companies transacting business on the Internet can now allow for payment for goods and services in digital currencies directly from their customers’ crypto wallets.

    Crypto wallet for business

    When companies start to transact B2B and B2C business, they will have to set up one or more crypto wallets for business integrated with their bank account so that crypto business is integrated with their financial systems and payment processing platforms. If their regular corporate banks do not offer such a service. In that case, it will be necessary to open separate crypto wallets for business in a crypto-friendly bank that provides integrated facilities for cryptocurrency and allows them to integrate their online banking portal.

    What are the different types of Crypto Wallets for business?

    Software wallets (also called online, mobile, desktop, and hot wallets) allow customers to manage their digital assets online. These wallets use cryptographic keys stored on a device with secure access to the Internet. Software wallets provide more flexibility but may be more vulnerable to hacking than cold wallets.

    Cold wallets (also known as hardware wallets) are stored on a physical device that does not access the Internet. They are more secure, but less convenient.

    Hosted wallets are stored on a secure third-party web server. They represent a digital record of crypto assets and can be linked to the user’s account. They are, like hot wallets, more convenient for use but generally more vulnerable to hacking. An alternative to a hosted wallet is the decentralized wallet that doesn’t require a third-party service to transact or store the cryptocurrency. This reduces the security risks associated with hosted wallets.

    Crypto-friendly Business Account

    A crypto-friendly business account in a financial institution allows you to trade, swap and exchange cryptocurrencies. This allows you to deal with cryptocurrency transactions in the same way as you deal with ordinary hard currencies.

    GBO has strong connections with crypto-friendly business banks that will be happy to partner with your company and establish a crypto-friendly business account. We can pave the way for the smooth introduction of cryptocurrency banking for you. As a professional consultancy, we have established a solid relationship with reputable European banks in the countries at the forefront of digital currency banking.

    Get in touch with a GBO professional today.

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    Best Crypto business bank account description

    Gemini crypto business account

    About ●   Gemini is a New York trust company that is regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS) and the New York Banking Laws for capital reserve, cybersecurity, and banking compliance standards.
    Services offered to business ●   Offers a range of turnkey cryptocurrency products and services.

    ●   Gemini trading platform offers multiple options for accepting digital assets as payment

    ●   Provides customised solutions to integrate a business’ digital assets

    ●   Provide secure solutions for accepting digital assets as payments.

    ●   Offers the highest possible levels of security and compliance, thanks to digital assets being held fully offline in its proprietary storage blockchains.

    ●   Offers instant liquidity for assets on Gemini Exchange.


    Binance business account

    About ●   Binance is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency infrastructure providers.

    ●     Founded in 2017 in China, but later moved its headquarters after the government’s restrictions of Now based with headquarters in the Cayman Islands and Mahé in the Seychelles.

    Services offered to business


    ●     A financial product suite that provides blockchain ecosystems and cryptocurrency infrastructures for commerce

    ●     Specialises in institutional access for VIP traders in exchange and OTC trading

    ●     Runs the world’s largest digital asset exchange

    ●     Provides trading in derivatives, margins, liquidity providers and OTC.

    ●     Allows business accounts to set-up multiple trading sub-accounts under the master account

    ●     Clients have access to the Binance Earn portal  with its range of interest-paying fiat and digital currency options


    Blockfi business account

    About ●   Founded in 2017

    ●   Based in New Jersey, USA, with regional offices in Singapore, Poland and Argentina

    Services offered to business


    ●   Provides wealth management products powered by blockchain technology for crypto investors.

    ●   Offers corporate treasury solutions for companies looking to trade and invest in digital markets.

    ●   Offers business cryptocurrency interest accounts.

    ●   Specialises in Stablecoins as well as standard digital currencies.

    ●   Provides 24/7 trading

    ●   Business clients have customizable lending solutions and passive exposure to digital assets

    ●   Crypto products offered –  Interest-bearing deposits, Loans, Trade, Credit Cards


    Coinbase Pro business account

    About ●   Coinbase is a UK company regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

    ●   The company which operates Coinbase and GDAX in the U.S is Coinbase, Inc. It is licensed to engage in money transactions in most U.S. jurisdictions.

    ●   Founded in June 2012

    ●   Coinbase provides brokerage services with a virtual wallet.

    ●   Coinbase Pro operates an exchange where clients can buy and sell digital currencies.

    Services offered ●   Coinbase Commerce offers an enterprise digital payment service with cryptocurrency exchange and wallet services

    ●   Merchants can accept payments in most major digital currencies, directly into its wallet.

    ●   Cryptocurrency providers can list, launch, and grow their own assets on Coinbase platforms.

    ●   Coinbase Exchange gives business customers access to one of the most liquid crypto spot exchanges

    ●   Provides APIs and WebSocket feeds for direct access to market data.


    Kraken business account

    About ●   Founded in 2011 California

    ●   The largest bitcoin exchange in volume, and also trades fiat currencies (US$, CA$) and other major cryptocurrencies

    Services offered ●   Offers leveraged bitcoin trading on margin

    ●   Provides a futures platform through wholly-owned subsidiary Crypto Facilities

    ●   Business clients have both fiat (in 7 global currencies) and crypto funding options

    ●   Provides APIs and WebSocket feeds for direct access to market data.


    Luno business account

    About ●   Luno started in South Africa in 2011, currently operating as a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group in 43 countries, with branches in London, Sydney, Singapore.
    Services offered ●   Products and services for business customers provide highly secure platforms that undergo regular independent financial audits.

    ●   Provides API capabilities giving automatic integration to trading and payments facilities.

    ●   Supports local payment rails giving speedier deposits and withdrawals

    ●   Integrated with TradingView, supplying a large library of technical analysis tools

    ●   Business clients benefit from increased limits on deposits and withdrawals


    Benefits for institutional investors

    Institutional money managers can also begin to harvest the benefits of the cryptocurrency revolution by opening a crypto institutional account with a recognized crypto bank like the ones we described above. Whereas with commercial banks the deposit interest rates are close to zero, institutions can leverage their funds with flexible managed crypto accounts and earn realistic returns.

    Steps to get started for a business crypto account

    The steps necessary for any business wanting to engage in crypto trading start with downloading a wallet app from a crypto service provider like the ones we detailed above. For businesses, there is the option to create a non-custodial wallet. From then on, all movement of crypto assets can be channeled through the wallet.

    Here are the steps you can follow to get started with a business cryptocurrency account:

    • Research the different types of business cryptocurrency accounts available: There are various types of business cryptocurrency accounts, including those that allow you to accept payments in cryptocurrency, hold and manage cryptocurrency assets, and trade cryptocurrency. Choose the type of account that best meets your business needs.
    • Choose a reputable and secure business cryptocurrency exchange or platform: It’s important to choose a reputable and secure platform to open your business cryptocurrency account. Research different options and compare their fees, security measures, and the types of cryptocurrencies they offer.
    • Set up your business cryptocurrency account: Once you’ve chosen a platform, you’ll need to set up your account by providing some personal and business information, such as your name, address, and business tax ID. You may also need to verify your identity and provide proof of your business status.
    • Fund your account: Once your account is set up, you’ll need to transfer funds into it. This can be done using a variety of methods, such as bank transfer or credit card.
    • Start using your account: Once your account is set up and funded, you can start using it to accept payments in cryptocurrency, hold and manage your cryptocurrency assets, or trade cryptocurrency. Be sure to follow all relevant laws and regulations, and stay up to date on the latest developments in the cryptocurrency industry.

    Crypto Friendly Banks UK

    As a newly licensed and regulated crypto company operating in the UK, it’s important to partner with a crypto friendly bank in the UK as quickly as possible. Not too long ago, UK-based banks would block funds, or close accounts when they were used to withdraw money from crypto exchanges.

    Crypto friendly banks UK operators allow you to use debit cards/credit cards to buy and sell cryptocurrency online. You can also cash out your funds from crypto-related investments, trades, or activities. With crypto friendly banks UK, you can also initiate wire transfers directly to crypto exchanges.

    Several ranking crypto friendly banks operate in the UK, namely Nationwide, TSB bank, Standard Chartered, Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest, and Barclays. Each of these established banking enterprises has come full circle vis-a-vis the importance of crypto in the world of financial transactions processing, exchange, and technological innovation.

    Alongside High Street banks in the UK are many challenger banks – FinTech banks – that are fast coming into their own. We will put you in touch with the most appropriate UK bank for your crypto company.

    Contact GBO for a consultation on crypto friendly banks in the UK. Our customer support representatives are waiting to take your call.

    Crypto Friendly Banks 2024

    2021 was another booming year for the world’s burgeoning cryptocurrency industry. With thousands of cryptocurrencies now populating the blockchain arena, several leading crypto friendly banks 2024 emerged, notably: 

    • Valyuz
    • Change
    • Bitwala
    • Revolut  
    • Bankera
    • National Bank of Canada
    • WIREX
    • USAA
    • Barclays
    • Simple Bank
    • Ally
    • Wirexapp
    • Nuri
    • Changeinvest

     Each of these crypto friendly banks has proven itself to be dynamic, future-oriented, and fully functional for crypto exchanges and crypto companies the world over. These banks focus on different aspects of crypto businesses such as crypto exchange, savings and investments, or overall infrastructure services for blockchain-based technology systems. All of them are necessary components in the integrated blockchain ecosystem.


    Which bank is the most crypto-friendly?

    Some banks may be more open to working with cryptocurrency-related businesses, while others may be more hesitant. Additionally, the regulatory environment surrounding cryptocurrency can vary from one country to another, so what is considered “crypto-friendly” in one country may not be in another.

    That being said, some banks that have expressed a willingness to work with cryptocurrency businesses in the past include Silvergate Bank in the United States and Fidor Bank in Germany. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the cryptocurrency industry is constantly evolving, and what may be considered “crypto-friendly” today may change in the future. It’s always a good idea to do your own research and due diligence when choosing a bank or financial institution to work with.

    For more information on how to get started with banking services for your crypto company, contact GBO today.

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