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GBO is a global provider of Crypto online casino turnkey solutions, specializing in:

  1. Solutions for Cryptocurrency-based Online Casino Systems
  2. Crypto Payment Gateways for Online Casinos
  3. Online casino Crypto License (including company formation and process)

The use of cryptocurrencies as wagers in online casinos is known as crypto gaming. GBO offers turnkey solutions that are customizable to suit clients’ unique needs for launching a successful online gaming platform quickly and easily. These turnkey solutions include licensing, payment integration, customer support, marketing tools, and a fully developed and customizable gaming platform.

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    How to start a Crypto Online Casino?

    Starting a crypto-based online casino involves several crucial steps that require careful consideration and planning. Here are some of the key steps to follow:

    1. Evaluate the legality: The first step is to investigate the legality of operating an online casino using cryptocurrencies in your jurisdiction. It is important to understand the laws and regulations governing online gambling in your country or region.
    2. Develop an enterprise strategy: Define your vision, target market, budget, and marketing strategy. Determine your target audience and identify the most popular cryptocurrencies that your customers may want to use for deposits and withdrawals.
    3. Obtain a license: Obtain a license from a regulatory body that oversees online gambling in your jurisdiction. This may involve submitting an application, providing documentation, and meeting various requirements.
    4. Choose a software provider: Select a gaming software developer that provides a complete online gaming platform. Look for a provider that has experience in the crypto gaming industry and offers customizable solutions.
    5. Combine payment methods: Integrate multiple payment methods that accept both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. This will allow players to deposit and withdraw funds in the currency of their choice.
    6. Design and develop a website: Develop a user-friendly website that provides a seamless gaming experience. The website should be secure, visually appealing, and optimized for mobile devices.
    7. Implement stringent security measures: Implement robust security measures to protect player data and ensure fair play. Use reputable payment service providers and employ encryption technologies to secure player transactions.
    8. Launch the casino: Once everything is in place, launch your casino and promote it through multiple channels of marketing. Introduce new games, keep your website up-to-date, and solicit player feedback to continuously improve your casino.

    Overall, starting a crypto-based online casino requires careful planning, attention to detail, and a commitment to providing a secure and enjoyable gaming experience for your players. It is important to work with reputable partners and providers to ensure the success of your venture.


    Possible jurisdictions for crypto online casino license:

    Curacao, Malta, and Kahnawake are popular jurisdictions for acquiring a license for a cryptocurrency-based online casino.

    Curacao gaming license is a popular option due to its low costs, quick processing times, and favorable tax laws. Since 1996, it has issued licenses for online gambling and has a well-established regulatory framework for online gambling.

    Malta gaming license is also a popular option, especially for businesses focusing on the European market. Malta’s regulatory framework and reputation for player protection are well-known. However, the licensing procedure is more time-consuming and costly than in Curacao.

    Another popular jurisdiction for online gambling licenses is the Canadian Mohawk territory of Kahnawake. Since 1999, it has issued licenses to online casinos and has a well-established regulatory framework. Nevertheless, it is important to note that certain jurisdictions, notably in Europe, do not recognize Kahnawake licenses.

    Each jurisdiction has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice ultimately depends on the needs and target market of the operator. Before choosing a license, it is essential to conduct extensive research and comprehend the regulations and requirements of each jurisdiction.


    A crypto online casino turnkey solution typically includes the following solutions:

    1. Gaming Platform: A platform for hosting and managing the online casino games, including the software and infrastructure necessary to support a high volume of players and transactions.
    2. Payment Solutions: Integration with payment gateways and cryptocurrencies to facilitate deposits and withdrawals, as well as manage player balances.
    3. Licensing and Compliance: Obtaining the necessary crypto licenses and ensuring compliance with regulations in the jurisdictions where the casino operates.
    4. Anti-fraud and Security Measures: Implementing measures to prevent fraud and ensure the security of player data and transactions.
    5. Marketing and Promotion: Developing a marketing strategy and promotional campaigns to attract players and build a player base.
    6. Customer Support: Providing customer support services to assist players with inquiries and issues.
    7. Technical Support: Providing technical support services to maintain the platform and address any technical issues that may arise.

    These solutions are typically offered as a package by companies that specialize in providing turnkey solutions for crypto online casinos.

    White-label cryptocurrency casino costs and benefits

    White-label cryptocurrency casino refers to a pre-built casino platform that can be branded and customized by the operator with their own logo, design, and content. Here are some costs and benefits associated with a white-label cryptocurrency casino:


    1. Upfront cost: The initial cost of purchasing the white-label casino solution can be quite high, depending on the provider and the features included.
    2. Ongoing fees: The operator may be required to pay ongoing fees for hosting, maintenance, and support.
    3. Limited customization: Although the platform can be branded and customized to some extent, there may be limitations on the degree of customization available.


    1. Time-saving: The white-label solution allows the operator to launch a fully functioning casino quickly, without the need to develop and build the platform from scratch.
    2. Established technology: The provider of the white-label solution should have established technology that has been thoroughly tested and is constantly being updated to meet industry standards.
    3. Reduced risk: Using a pre-built platform can help reduce the risk of technical issues or security breaches since the technology has been developed and tested by the provider.
    4. Expert support: Many white-label providers offer expert support and guidance, which can be beneficial for operators who are new to the industry or lack technical expertise.

    Overall, a white-label cryptocurrency casino can be a good option for operators who want to launch a casino quickly and with reduced risk. However, it is important to carefully evaluate the costs and benefits before making a decision

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