Malta, Curacao or Ajouan – which is the most gaming regulation for you?

With over 15 years of experience, we have a proven track record in successfully obtaining gaming licenses across multiple jurisdictions.

In this research, we dived into the 3 main gaming jurisdictions in the world – Malta, Curacao and Anjouan.

Are you interested in launching an online gaming business and seeking for the ideal licensing jurisdiction? Choosing the proper jurisdiction is crucial, as it can affect your gambling operation’s regulatory environment, costs, application process, and overall success. In order to assist you in making an informed decision, we have compiled a detailed comparison table of three prominent online gaming licensing jurisdictions: Curacao, Anjouan, and Malta.

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    This comparison examines key factors:

    This comparison examines key factors that can substantially impact your licensing decision. The table emphasizes various aspects including regulatory environment, fees and costs, application process, competition, taxation, licensing speed, cryptocurrency acceptance, and administrator support. By comparing these parameters, you can obtain valuable insight into the distinctive characteristics and advantages of each jurisdiction.

    1. Curacao is a longtime industry darling due to its established regulatory framework and tailored procedures for online gaming operators.
    2. Emerging competitor Anjouan offers a favorable regulatory environment, reasonable fees, and streamlined application procedures.
    3. Malta, on the other hand, features stringent regulations with a strong emphasis on player protection, albeit at the expense of higher licensing fees and a more involved application process.

    Understanding the nuances of each jurisdiction is essential for making an informed decision that correlates with your business’s objectives and needs. Our comparison table provides an overview that is both simplified and comprehensive, allowing you to evaluate and compare these three online gaming licensing destinations. To ensure compliance with specific legal requirements and regulations, however, it is essential to conduct exhaustive research and seek professional counsel.

    Gaming regulation compare

    Parameter Curacao Anjouan Malta
    Regulatory Environment Established regulatory framework with player protection measures Favorable regulatory environment with player protection and flexibility Stringent regulations with a strong emphasis on player protection
    Fees and Costs Licensing fees vary; can be relatively higher Accessible fees, more affordable compared to other jurisdictions Higher licensing fees, reflecting the reputation and regulatory rigor
    Application Process Tailored process for online gaming operators Streamlined process open to companies worldwide Comprehensive and thorough application process
    Competition Facing increasing competition from other jurisdictions Emerging as a potential alternative or backup licensing destination Well-established and recognized as a leading licensing jurisdiction
    Taxation Taxes may apply to online gaming revenue No taxes on online gross gaming revenue Corporate tax and gaming tax applicable
    Licensing Speed Duration varies depending on application complexity Fast and efficient licensing process Timely process with extensive due diligence requirements
    Crypto Acceptance Growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the industry Crypto-friendly environment with wide acceptance Recognizes the potential of cryptocurrencies and supports their usage
    Administrator Support Administrators offer support for compliance and operations Administrators known for being friendly and supportive Strong administrative support with an emphasis on regulatory compliance

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